MAIN STREET by Roger Allen, publisher

Scary! So what’s wrong with getting rid of the tax favors for the very rich? Those cuts were put through by President Bush’s sympathetic Congress. President Obama doesn’t have a sympathetic Congress to answer his call to end them. In 2010, we elected a Congress that now talks about shutting down the government rather than […]

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon

New look at home mortgages I went to a seminar recently that forced me to think outside of my financial box, so to speak. I’m from West Michigan, so my financial box is pretty conservative. Dave Ramsey isn’t my idol—that spot is and always will be reserved for the Detroit Tiger’s great player, Al Kaline—but […]

BIRTHDAYS — July 9–15

9th Anne Bartish, Lonnie Herrington, Terry Kalemba, Mary Lou Preston, Debbie Schuhman, Lorna Smith 10th Rena Bustraan 11th Alvera Dombrowski, Ralph Leistner 12th Sue Hone, Jill M. Mackie, Pam Reed, Maxine Smith 13th Molly Brasure, Alyssa Jerrils, Maureen Mawby, Catie Rietsema, Cindy Schluckebier 14th Chase Richard 15th Mike Baer Brian Bearinger, Emajean Clawson