June 10 2010

Baker graduates from United States Naval Academy

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U.S. Navy Ensign Kaitlin J. Baker, daughter of Jim and Louise Baker, graduated with honors from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. on May 28, 2010, and was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy. Ensign Baker successfully completed four years of intensive academic, physical and professional training, resulting in a bachelor of science degree with a major in systems engineering. While at the academy, Baker earned her varsity letter, an N Star, in cross country, served as a 2nd Regimental Commander her senior year, was awarded the class of 1897 sword for outstanding leadership of the 2nd Regiment, and was one of 25 midshipmen from the class of 2010 awarded the Chief of Naval Operations Distinguished Midshipmen Graduate Award for having met the highest standards of leadership, academic excellence, and military performance. Following graduation, Ensign Baker has been assigned to the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit (EOD), where she will continue training in Panama City, Fla. for dive school, Explosive Ordnance School at Eglin Air Force Base, Destin, Fla., and then proceed to an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit where she will begin her service. Considered one of the top educational institutions in the country, the U.S. Naval Academy was founded in 1845 and has graduated more than 60,000 men and women as Naval and Marine Corps officers. Its graduates include 4,000 admirals and generals, one president, 200 members of Congress, three governors, 73 Medal of Honor winners, one Nobel Prize winner, and 40 astronauts. The Naval Academy currently has more than 4,000 students who comprise the Brigade of Midshipmen and who come from every state in the union. Ensign Baker is a 2006 graduate of Rockford High School.

Birthdays — June 12–18

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12th Jordan Orr 13th Frank Berris, Andrew Halliday, Willie Schrier, Bunny Vos, Dylis Wilson 14th Michelle Doane, Betsy Leistner, Rick Maharry 16th Paula Kruer, Dave Ruehs, Bill Throckmorton, Sharon Zapf 17th Mary Liz Chipman, Alma Madges, Sue Morrow, Shirley Richardson, Judy Wilson 18th Gen Waid Tom Wybranowski

Main Street by Roger Allen, publisher — June 10, 2010

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Peaceful cousins All chimps are not alike. A related species, bonobo, is smaller, communicates vocally and by gesture, and tends toward peacefulness. Geneticists have found that the bonobo DNA profile is closest to that of humans. (Peacefulness??) About 10,000 bonobos exist in the wild in the Congo and nowhere else. As you might guess, they’re an endangered species. Experts are trying to find out why bonobos are so peaceful, a trait in humans that could use tuning up. Scientists hope that a further understanding of the bonobo will offer some clues. My own guess is that bonobos are peaceful because they never invented money. They have a relaxed lifestyle and lots of food, but no money. The root of all evil, right? I suppose it’s too late for us to go back. My personal Gulf solution 1. Drill 100 more wells. This will reduce the pressure and stop the oil from gushing into the sea. 2. Then suck out all the oil we need from the various wells. 3. Here’s the important part: After sucking out the oil, QUICKLY fill in all the wells or the water will drain down and the Gulf will run dry. I hope someone in the government is reading this. Start of Summer! Seems like summer already started, doesn’t it? Our official Start of Summer brings fireworks, a parade, exhibits, food, drink and always a good time. This celebration is the biggest thing all year and a lot warmer than the Christmas Parade. Don’t miss the free shows. Not what I meant Number one: A housework-challenged husband decided to wash his sweatshirt. Seconds after he stepped into the laundry room, he shouted up to his wife, “What setting do I use on the washing machine?” “It depends,” she replied. “What does it say on your shirt?” He yelled back, “DALLAS COWBOYS”! Number two: A businessman was invited to give the graduation address at the local high school. For weeks he thought about what he’d say but inspiration didn’t strike. He pulled into the auditorium parking lot still not knowing. But at the door he noticed the word, “Push,” and the light bulb went on. “Aha!” he thought. “What a perfect theme. ‘Push’ is the secret to success.” Confident now, he […]

The Tax Attic — June 10, 2010

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Social Security benefits to dwindle Since The Rockford Squire doesn’t have a writer covering Major League Baseball—and I love baseball—I’m obligated to comment on the Detroit Tigers’ Armando Galarraga’s brush with fame. Galarraga could have had a permanent piece of fame had Umpire Jim Joyce gone to that last eye doctor appointment. But alas and alack, Joyce missed the appointment and he also missed the obvious out call at first base that relegated Galarraga to a one-hitter instead of the 21st perfect game in all of major league baseball history. Oh, by the way, no Detroit pitcher in the 100-plus years of Tigers baseball has ever pitched a perfect game. Talk about a rare occurrence. All Galarraga got was his 21st regular career victory, and it’s doubtful he will get anywhere close to that perfect game for the rest of his career. Maybe in his next life, he won’t have Joyce umpiring first base when he gets to two out in the ninth and that umpire makes the right call. Current baseball rules just do not allow anyone, even Commissioner Selig, to change a call once the umpire says “play ball” and throws the next ball into play. The only one who could have made a difference in this whole sad state of affairs was Tigers Manager Jim Leyland. He knew or should have known that once he left the field and the home plate umpire directed Galarraga to “play ball,” the perfect game was dead. Forever. Leyland could have not left the field of play until he demanded that Joyce ask the other umpires if one of them, particularly the second base umpire, had a good look at the play. Joyce then either had the choice of throwing Leyland out of the game or asking the other umpires for help. I’m thinking that at some point with 18,000 fans booing him, with the Tigers’ normally quiet Miguel Cabrera chewing on him, and Galarraga smiling at him, Joyce would have gotten the message that something was wrong and he would have consulted with the other umpires and ultimately the call would have been reversed. Then Galarraga’s 21st victory would have been the 21st perfect game thrown in baseball history thus assuring him of his rightful […]

News Bits — June 10, 2010

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Michigan’s Free Fishing Weekend on tap June 12-13 The Department of Natural Resources and Environment reminds everyone that the summer Free Fishing Weekend is scheduled for June 12-13. On Saturday and Sunday, everyone—residents and non-residents—can fish without a fishing license in Michigan. All other fishing regulations apply. Numerous Free Fishing Weekend activities are scheduled at state parks and fish hatcheries to coincide with the weekend, while sporting clubs and conservation groups state events as well. Free Fishing Weekend activities offer novices the opportunity to learn from experienced anglers and learn about the joys of fishing. For a list of Free Fishing Weekend activities across the state, visit www.michigan.gov/freefishing.

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