BIRTHDAYS — June 16–22

16 Paula Kruer, Dave Ruehs, Bill Throckmorton, Sharon Zapf 17 Mary Liz Chipman, Alma Madges, Sue Morrow, Shirley Richardson, Judy Wilson 18 Gen Waid, Tom Wybranowski 19 Marquita Campbell, Cathy Fusee, Timothy J. Lewis, Phyllis VanderKolk, Ann Ziel 20 Yvonne Alber, Roger Allen, Zaccary Bennett, Mary Anne Burns, Edith Post, Nancy Wood 21 Jeremiah Briggs, John DeVogel, Jim McDonald, Jim McIntyre, ChiChi Rogers, Julie Springsteen 22 Nathan Briggs, Rachael Laage, Margaret Traxler

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon

Giving up a rental to foreclosure “Be well… Do good things… Keep in touch.” This is one of Garrison Keillor’s more famous, if not the most famous, quotes from “The Writer’s Almanac.” It’s short, but it sure does say a mouthful. I have a nephew, Andrew Veenstra, who graduated from Sparta High School last week. […]

City passes regulations regarding carriages and hayrides

by BETH ALTENA When a carriage company began doing business in downtown Rockford, the City realized they had no regulation in place regarding such operations. Traditional carriage and hayrides included in City celebrations have always fallen under the permitting process of special events applications. On Monday, May 14 during the regular City Council meeting, regulation […]


Reader thanks Good Samaritan Dear Editor, My sincere gratitude goes to the person who turned in my purse to Family Fare on Northland Drive the afternoon of May 22. I’m not aware of your identity but will always remember your integrity. Thank you! Lorraine Dice Belmont resident Kindergarten Program Change to All Day, Every Day […]

City of Rockford extends moratorium on electronic billboards

by BETH ALTENA Among other votes, the Rockford City Council unanimously passed an extension on electronic billboards Monday, May 14 at the regular meeting. According to City Manager Michael Young, the nine-month extension of an original nine-month moratorium on the roadside digital advertising is, in part, waiting for the results of a federal study on […]