Special preparation adds new twist to prom


Rockford teacher Ian Throop and his students do something special for prom. Throop works with students with cognitive impairments. They include students who have autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), mild to moderate cognitive impairments, and learning disabilities. The students in his room have academic and social needs. “Our goal is to teach them functional academic skills, […]

Ruger state championship draws nearly 100 shooters


On Saturday, May 21, the Rockford Sportsman’s Club (RSC) hosted the Michigan state championship of the Ruger Rimfire Shooting Competition. This was a charity shoot and RSC will be donating a check for $2,700 to Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA). The sport is popular and there will be 12 sanctioned regional and state Rimfire matches in […]


A family’s letter to RHS graduating seniors Graduation is a wonderful time of transition filled with both excitement and nervousness. Our daughter and sister, Kailey Sturr, will also be experiencing this transition into adulthood along with you, her peers, beginning with that walk across the stage on June 7. For those who do not know, […]

MAIN STREET by Roger Allen, publisher

  The BOSS Mother Nature has given us a nice place to live. We have what we need: air, water and gravity. We know how to get food. The trees, flowers, hills and beaches are attractive. Obviously, however, MN really doesn’t give a darn about us. Willy-nilly, she delivers a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or volcanic […]

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon

Tax Amnesty, new 1099-K Most of what we have been reading about the State of Michigan lately concerns Governor Snyder’s quest to get a budget passed as soon as possible. It looks like he will successful, too. We might not all like the final result, but at least a budget will be in place before […]