Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers sold-out concert rates 5 stars

Steve Martin basks in the  applause of the audience after his opening number during Sunday evening's Bluegrass performance of Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers at Meijer Gardens.

by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL It’s been 40 years since Steve Martin made his first appearance in Grand Rapids as a stand-up comic. Sunday evening, at the fastest ever sold-out performance of the Meijer Gardens Summer Concert Series, Martin returned to perform live before his adoring fans. This time around he appeared as a masterful […]

MacGregor votes to end retiree health care benefits for legislators

Lawmaker proud to support another commonsense reform in Lansing   State Rep. Peter MacGregor recently voted in favor of House Bill 4087, ending retiree healthcare benefits for lawmakers. Currently, Michigan lawmakers who serve at least six years are eligible for health insurance funded by taxpayers beginning at age 55. The change would affect all legislators […]

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon

Dealing with the federal deficit I listened to a very interesting presentation last week about the history of federal tax rates from the beginning of our income tax system, 1913, through 2011. The tax rates were a maximum of 6% in 1913. They stayed at that rate until the World War I had to be […]

BIRTHDAYS June 2–8, 2011

2nd Kerri TenBrink, Mike Zagummy 3rd Maggie Chipman, Kristine Stotz, Henry VandenHeuvel 4th Louise Danielski 5th Bob Boyer, Florence Butts, David Klinger, Pattie Lachniet 6th Larry Cunningham, Doug Havemeier 7th Joan Burgess, Karen Kalemba, Mariah Main, JoAnne Martin, Ben Peterson, Barb Stein 8th Bernie Cavner, R. Graham Greenland, Olive Lawton, Judy Peters  

Date of vandalism has deep meaning for Rockford woman

Kim VerHage of Reading Books is disappointed someone broke eight windows in her store. She discovered the vandalism on the day her granddaughter, Shannon, would be 15 if she is alive. The child went missing after her mother was murdered 14 years ago. VerHage is pictured holding a book about the murder and disappearance.

Her granddaughter, if still living, would be 15 by BETH ALTENA Kim VerHage is a woman with practice at patience, or at least waiting out the unknown. On the day her granddaughter would turn 15 years of age, VerHage was called back to work after leaving around 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 15, to find vandals […]