June 4 2009

Algoma Township dedicates memorial park

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by JUDY REED The old Swedish Baptist church was remembered Monday, when Algoma Township, in conjunction with the Algoma Township Historical Society, dedicated a memorial park where the church once stood. The park, located on Grange Avenue, south of 13 Mile, is at the Algoma Township Cemetery, across from the current Algoma Baptist Church. The bell from the old church is part of the monument that was erected there this last week. “We didn’t want to lose the history of the church,” Julie Sjogren, president of the Algoma Historical Society told the Cedar Springs Post recently. The Swedish Baptist church was organized in 1903 and first met in a house in Sparta. In 1910, it moved to Algoma Township, on Grange, and held services in the church building owned by the United Brethren church. The name was later changed to Algoma Baptist. In 1968, they purchased 20 acres across the street and built the existing building. In 1999, the old church building and property was donated to Algoma Township with hopes it could be restored, but it was too costly to renovate. So Algoma decided to create a park, memorializing the church and veterans at the same time. The street side of the seven-foot monument memorializes the church with the bell, and the veteran brick courtyard side of the monument memorializes veterans, living or deceased. On Monday, Memorial Day, the park was dedicated, with Rep. Tom Pearce on hand for the unveiling. Clerk Judy Bigney gave a history of the park, Sjogren recognized the donors, and Carl Lambert Friske shared words about the old church. After the dedication, the township held memorial services there, and with representation from the C.E. Schumacher Rockford Memorial Post #3946; Boy Scout Troop #304, and 3rd Michigan Volunteer Infantry Co. F-Civil War. Guests of Honor included WWII POWs Russell Powell and Harold “Hap” Teesdale.

Rockford takes second in World Odyssey

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Teams have returned from their trek to Iowa May 27-30, 2009. Making the trip with the five Rockford representative teams, were 850 other teams, from the United States, and over 13 countries. Rockford placed the highest of the Michigan teams, bringing home a trophy and silver medals for their second place finish, topped by Singapore by only five points. The team members from North Rockford Middle School are Michaela Behrens, Katie Hollstein, Christopher Lemoine, Daniel Nauta, Mark Veitengruber, Anaiah Zainea, Sarah Jamgotch, with coaches Becky Behrens, Karla Lemoine. Valley View Elementary also placed in the top ten, taking the honorable mention status, with a new team of third grade students, placing sixth at the World Finals are: Chase Lindeboom, Ethan Kolderman, Katie Lawton, Megan Lindeboom, Paige Thompson, Avery Sweeney, Natalie Clum with coaches Joan Lawton, Angela Clum. Other Rockford teams placed in the top 15 for each of their problem solutions. In 13th place are Valley View Elementary School students Makayla Schmetzer, Logan Anderson, Grant Hoffman, Ben Johnson, Calvin Garvey, Corinne Giersh, Giselle Goad- Sharon with coaches Anderson, Kelly Hoffman. In 15th place are Rockford High School students Sammi Cook, Merry Buelken, Shannon Melick, Matt Rettinger, Matt Nauta, Brian Talsma, Evanne Zainea with coaches Matt Zainea, Lesley Zainea, Phoebe Borst. In12th place are Crestwood Elementary School students Blake McWatters, Noah Barclay, Olivier Larente , Jessica Gerkey , Joey Benda , Courtney Lemoine Paige Barnard , with coaches Marianne McWatters, Jan Barclay, Karla Lemoine.

Horse shooting investigated

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The Kent County Sheriff Department is currently investigating an incident were a horse was shot and killed.  The incident occurred on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25 in the 800 block of Buth Dr NE, which is in Plainfield Township. The Sheriff’s Department is searching for anyone who may have heard gunshots or seen suspicious subject(s) in the area of Buth Drive on May 25. Anyone with information is requested to contact the Kent County Sheriff Department at 616-632-6434 or Silent Observer at 616-774-2345 or can be contacted confidentially at www.silentobserver.org.


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June 6-12   6th     Sandi Franklin            Gordon Steinke   7th    Lois Knoor   8th     Pete Brucki             Bill Cutler             Mark A. Mackie             Caroline Rowley             J. TenHave-Chapman             L. TenHave-Chapman   9th     Madison Kunkle             Collin P. Mackie             Peter Schluckebier   10th   Joanne Case             Phyllis Klomparens             Tom Laage   11th    Rachel Furman             Mike Mawby             Thelma Vis     12th   Jordan Orr

Main Street – June 4, 2009

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by Roger Allen, publisher   This is the Twilight Zone The Dow rose 221 points on Monday, the day General Motors filed for bankruptcy. In fact, stock markets all over the world went up. On Tuesday, GM’s new CEO, Fritz Henderson, gave a news conference in which he apologized for any shoddy products produced in the past. He promised better from the reorganized company. He also announced that GM had just sold its Hummer division. Oh, darn, I wanted to buy that one myself. Hummers are BIG. We taxpayers gave GM billions of dollars and all we get is a share of the uncertainty, although on Tuesday CFO Ray Young said, in an interview, that he hoped to pay back the money. He optimistically foresees the new GM becoming profitable in 2 or 3 years. Hope he’s right. Hope the financial industry we bailed out does well, too. We need the money. Last year the total wealth of all U.S. households declined by $11,200,000,000,000. In the old days, if you worked hard and smart you could get rich. If you screwed up badly, you lost everything. Personally, I liked that system better.   Good news The seventh grade seems to be full of poets. Aaron Rose sent me one and I reprint part of it:   SPRING Spring is the season of Not quite winter Not quite summer And not a lot of school left.   There was more, but this is the part that spoke to me.   My mother said . . .   1.  My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL          DONE. “If you’re going to kill each other, do it outside.        I just finished cleaning.”  2. My mother taught me RELIGION. “You better pray          that will come out of the carpet.”  3.  My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL. “If you        don’t straighten up, I’m going to knock you into the        middle of next week!”  4. My mother taught me LOGIC. “Because I said so,         that’s why.”   5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC. “If you fall out       of that swing and break your neck, you’re not going       […]

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