June 7 2012

RE/MAX United to host open house

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Tracie and Tom Rich are announcing that they will host an open house from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 9, to celebrate the opening of their new RE/MAX office, RE/MAX United. The RE/MAX United office, located at 28 N. Monroe in Rockford, provides complete real estate services in the Rockford, Forest Hills, Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids, Northview, Comstock Park, Lowell, Cedar Springs, Walker and Sparta areas. According to RE/MAX United broker/owner Tracie Rich, the public is invited to enjoy the festivities, which will include tether rides in and a launch of the RE/MAX hot air balloon, weather permitting. “We are excited be a part of the RE/MAX family and bring our experience and the RE/MAX tools, reputation, brand power to Rockford,” Tracie Rich commented. “We have much experience in listing homes, buyer representation and estate work, and we can’t wait to share it with the community!”

Rockford Area Historical Society News and Update

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by TERRY KONKLE President, Rockford Area Historical Society Last week’s “Nugget of Rockford History” question solicited many correct answers and also brought out a lot of information. So far, 18 people have contacted me,  and all of them knew that Clayton Cahill was the well-known Rockford constable who had a bear caged on his property on Jericho Street. But the bear is just a part of the Cahill saga. Let me relate what people have told me! Mr. Cahill had two bears plus other animals. Several responders remembered a donkey, and many recalled monkeys. In addition there were foxes, wolves, a horse, a bobcat and at least one pet raccoon. Terri Gogo Byrne mentioned that the donkey could be heard often and that the animal had a name: “Teal.” Bud Graverson, who managed the Corner Bar for 20 years and the hotel for 15 said that the monkeys got loose and could be seen “swinging through parts of town.” Others also spoke of the monkeys getting out. Many told me that Mr. Cahill had animals in his house, including the raccoon. Ken Ploeg, who knows much about Mr. Cahill’s menagerie, said that when Constable Cahill went on night patrol, he would sometimes take the raccoon with him. Chief Lyle Ford, who worked during the day, did not appreciate the mess left by the raccoon in the police car (Rockford only had one police vehicle then). Many people mentioned that the Cahill property was often referred to as the “Rockford Zoo,” and that families would sometimes drive by to view the animals. I know that I drove my kids by the place more than once. Apparently at one time there were two cages on the property with one larger than the other. A few mentioned a white fence around the front cage. Bernie Young called from Florida to tell me about the bear. From his house on Fremont Street his family could see the bear in his cage and guests sometimes wondered what they were seeing when stopping by for cocktails. It was fun stopping at the Youngs’ residence for an opportunity to view the “bear in the zoo.” Whatever happened to the two bears? Next week I will recount the details as given to me […]

Rockford man takes on grueling feat for kids

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“Kids for Kids” Goat Project to benefit children of Uganda In September 2005, Rockford resident Dean Vandermey, of Set Free Ministries (SFM), had traveled to rural southern Uganda to hold a conference for some local pastors. During the morning session, a group of 42 orphan children sat nearby, quietly observing. When Vandermey asked the pastors why the children had come, he was informed that they had come because they heard lunch would be served. Vandermey wondered why the children were not in school. The pastors informed him there was no school for them to attend. This astounded Vandermey, and he asked how much a teacher for the children would cost. He was told $100 per month. Vandermey offered that SFM would pay for one Christian teacher if the local church would start a school and allow use of the church. Thus was born Glory of Christ Primary School in Rakai District, which today has over five hundred students! “As you may know, I have been working with Set Free Ministries in their sponsorship of nine different groups of school children and the schools they attend in Uganda and Kenya,” explained Richard Borisch, a lifelong Rockford resident. SFM is now helping over 3,500 children. Nearly all of these students are AIDS orphans and vulnerable children. Some have lost both parents and now are left to care for younger siblings. The schools are located in rural areas and have been started by local Christians who have taken seriously the Biblical command to care for widows and orphans. The children love being able to attend a Christian school, even though classes are held in temporary structures. The schools are operating at very basic levels. Funding currently covers teachers’ salaries, a porridge breakfast drink for the children, and a lunch of beans and rice on school days. An important goal for the schools is increased sustainability. The schools need to be involved with income-producing projects which will help them care for students, build permanent cement school structures and strengthen their communities. In discussions with the schools’ leaders, they have informed us that raising goats is a good project for improving sustainability. One of the sustainability projects being undertaken by SFM this summer is the purchase and placement of goatherds […]

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