Many Rockford businesses open Sunday A Charmed Life Nail Salon owner Kristine Gault took exception with a letter to the editor which took downtown merchants to task for failing to maintain Sunday hours. Gault compiled the following list of shops which will be open June 12. Downtown Rockford businesses that are open Sundays are: A […]

Turtle lays eggs in yard for 13th year

A Main Street Rockford resident called the Squire reporter/office manager Kate Sickrey over to photograph an annual visitor. Nancy, a friend of the newspaper’s staff, observes a large snapping turtle which comes into her yard to lay her eggs. She has been laying her eggs there for 13 years and always returns to about the same spot for this event, which usually takes place on the Saturday of Start of Summer. This year the turtle showed early, laying her eggs the morning of Tuesday, June 7. She took over two hours to lay her eggs and then tried to cross the road, but was turned back toward the river by our nature-loving friend. Nancy also gathers up the hatchling turtles as they come out of the sand and takes them safely to the Rogue River behind her house.

MAIN STREET by Roger Allen, publisher

Same old same old “JOBS.” Not enough of them. “MONEY.” Not enough of it. Government units have laid off or fired anybody they could possibly get along without. Private business has “downsized.” Congress is still in business, of course, and still chanting “cut taxes” in its effort to win support from voters. (It seemed to […]

BIRTHDAYS — June 11–17

11th Rachel Furman, Mike Mawby, Thelma Vis 12th Jordan Orr 13th Frank Berris, Andrew Halliday, Willie Schrier, Bunny Voss, Dylis Wilson 14th Michelle Doane, Betsy Leistner, Rick Maharry, Claire Smitter 16th Paula Kruer, Dave Ruehs, Bill Throckmorton,Sharon Zapf 17th Mary Liz Chipman, Alma Madges, Sue Morrow, Shirley Richardson, Judy Wilson    

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon

MI-UA demands repayments I have to admit that my favorite game is baseball and my favorite song is “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.” It was the first song I taught our oldest daughter, Stephanie, to sing and she finished that version off with a resounding “Go Tigers.” That was in the mid-1980s and the […]