June 9 2011

Spectrum Health Medical Group neurology chief to lead Epilepsy Foundation

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The Epilepsy Foundation announced recently that it has elected Brien J. Smith, MD, as chair of its board of directors. Smith is chief of neurology for the Spectrum Health Medical Group. “Brien is well-respected in the medical community as a top neurologist, and his personal experience with epilepsy has fueled his passion to serve others,” said Rich Denness, president and CEO of the Epilepsy Foundation. “Under his leadership, the Foundation will become a stronger voice for people living with epilepsy, many of whom face great obstacles.” Since its founding in 1968, Smith is the first medical doctor with a history of seizures to serve as the Epilepsy Foundation’s board chair. His primary areas of interest include providing and promoting new therapies and options such as brain surgery and advanced technologies for optimal seizure control. Smith, who has a history of epilepsy related to a brain tumor, is an authority on epilepsy and co-author of the book “Epilepsy Surgery: Case Studies and Commentaries.” Smith has had a strong advocacy presence on Capitol Hill and before the Administration. He has advocated for more funding to promote a wide range of epilepsy research toward better treatment options, a greater understanding of seizures and a cure for epilepsy. Additionally, Smith has advocated on the need for greater access to all available treatment, focusing most recently on those who develop epilepsy as a result of traumatic brain injury while in military service. His testimony before Congress helped create the Veterans Administration Epilepsy Centers of Excellence to ensure early recognition and quality treatment and support for veterans with epilepsy. “I am honored that my colleagues have asked me to serve as chair of the board,” said Smith. “I am excited about this opportunity to continue making the Epilepsy Foundation a prominent presence in communities around the country, where we will provide necessary programs and services to support people affected by epilepsy, increase public understanding of the condition and continue to raise funds toward research for a cure.” Smith came to Spectrum Health in 2010 from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, where he was both senior staff neurologist and the medical director for the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program. Smith earned his bachelor’s degree at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Mich., and his […]

International Bodyworks Fitness celebrates eighth anniversary

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Dr. Jorge Rodriguez, Ph.D. is a personal fitness trainer, professional physical educator, and a doctor in health and physical education, with over 30 years experience. He was the personal trainer of Brad Pitt for the filming of Seven Years in Tibet. Since opening International Bodyworks Fitness eight years ago he has received immense job satisfaction in seeing satisfied customers, time and time again. At International Bodyworks Fitness you don’t just lose weight, you receive life transforming results that direct you to a healthy lifestyle accompanied with great energy. “Being a personal trainer means helping people improve their lives” Dr. Rodriguez stated. During all these years I’ve developed my own training style with a scientific foundation considering the individual differences and needs of each client.” This June Dr. Rodriguez is celebrating eight years in the Rockford community, is offering a new affordable small group personal training system and is re-opening the Rockford Yoga Center. May it be weight loss or overall fitness, join one of the best personal trainers with knowledge & experience to see a healthier you today! Dr. Rodriguez said: “I would like to recognize my wife Wendy for her help and support during these past eight years contributing to the success of our business.” There are many ways to train and exercise your body and everyone is as different as they are unique. That’s why; whatever you want to do to change your life style Dr. Jorge Rodriguez will help you get the maximum out of your exercise program. It’s the best choice for anyone who respects their body and values their time. Bodywork Fitness offers various personal training packages including a new promotion of small group personal training. Small group personal training is a unique way for people to benefit from the quality of service of a personal trainer, but in a small group setting. You can share this experience with family, friends, work colleagues or those with similar training goals or interests. Benefits includes a cost effective program for individuals while maintaining quality training. Group training is very motivational, fun, interactive between group participants, and encourages team moral and building. Dr. Rodriguez is excited about the re-opening of the Rockford Yoga Center. It is dedicated exclusively to the practice of yoga, […]

American spirit, smell of chili, in the air at car show

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The thunder heard in Rockford Saturday morning was the sound of over 190 classic cars assembling for the American Legion’s second annual Classic Car Show. More than $5000 was raised and will be divided between The Wounded Warrior Program, Pets For Vets and local Legion programs. Visitors taking a break from looking at cars climbed a 30 foot rock wall provided by the U.S. Army, played games, enjoyed the smell of chili being prepared for the cook-off contest, ate a delicious meal in the Post lounge or just relaxed while listening to great music. Excitement ran high as the results of the Chili Cook-off and Car Show were announced. After tasting and sometimes re-tasting all the chili entries, the judges awarded first prize to Marty Crane of Belmont, with her “Make a Man Outa You” chili. Brothers Rick and Jeremy Siegel, otherwise known as “Fat Kid Chili,” received the People’s Choice Award. With so many fine cars assembled, judging was a most difficult task. In the end, car show participants judged the 1933 Ford, three window coupe “Hi Boy” owned by Jim Grzeszak as Best in Show. People’s Choice Award went to Buck Jones of Rockford for his 1955 Chevy Bel Air, restored to factory specs by Buck himself. The Commander’s Trophy was awarded to Jim Bienick of Grand Rapids, for his 1932 Ford Three Window Coupe. “It was a perfect day and a perfect show” said Clyde Sinclair, Commander of the Post. “We owe so much to the participants who made this event such a stunning success. The car owners, Chili Cook-off participants, the Courtland and Sparta Fire Departments, the U.S. Army, our sponsors and the volunteers. Thanks to everyone who participated, it is possible for us to provide much needed funds for our disabled veterans.” Commander Sinclair went on to say, “I need to give a special thank you to Dr. Lori Vorpi of Vorpi Chiropractic and her staff. We couldn’t have done it without them, they are fantastic.”    

Watch Elvis perform at special SOS event

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The Rockford American Legion Post 102, located at 330 Rockford Park Drive, rocks in the Start of Summer Celebration by presenting top-notch entertainment for the enjoyment of Rockford residents. In the past, the Legion has hosted bingo in their old downtown facility during Start of Summer Celebration in Rockford, but since moving out to their new building, they have tried to do something a little different. Continuing to participate and support the Rockford Start of Summer Celebration is important to the Legion, and this year it is bigger than ever. The highlight of the celebration will occur on Friday, June 10, as they host the Start of Summer Tribute Show/Party. This year the show will provide residents of Rockford the opportunity to enjoy performances by such international stars as Elvis/Tom Jones tribute artist Irv Cass and Rod Stewart tribute artist Steve Bobbitt. They will also have a special appearance by Rockford’s own Neil Diamond tribute artist John Launiere, who will be the emcee for the show, and just maybe one more special guest. Also in attendance will be a group of veterans from the Grand Rapids Veterans Home. Tickets for the show are limited and cost only $20 each. Doors open Friday evening at 6:30 with the show starting at 8:00. A cash bar and snacks will be available. For more information, call (616) 866-2001 or (616) 745-4896 or visit the Legion’s website at www.rockfordlegion.org. The Legion is open to the public for the entire day. Dinner is not included, but the Lounge will be open and serving prime rib as their “special” along with their regular menu items. The public is encouraged to see the new facilities and possibilities of their banquet hall for special occasions.  


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Another Wrong Forecast Over the past couple of months I’ve written several articles that explain why I do not believe in the theory that an increase of CO2 in the atmosphere will cause catastrophic warming. Up until now at least, there has been no measurable evidence to support such a theory. The theory has come about due to computer models. But the computer models have been fine-tuned to bad data, have been programmed with false assumptions and as a result have produced incorrect forecasts. In an article two weeks ago I wrote that, “One of the main tenants of global warming theory is that if greenhouses gases are warming the planet, that warming will happen first in the layer of air 20,000-40,000 ft above the tropics. All 20-odd-climate models predict warming there first—it’s the fingerprint of greenhouse gas warming, as opposed to warming by some other cause. The hotspot is not incidental to IPCC climate theory—it lies at its heart…” The evidence shows that this hotspot is missing, indicating that the global warming theory is wrong. There is another way to look at the computer model forecasts as shown by the following graph. This graph may look a little intimidating at first but let me walk you through it. The light grey line represents the actual temperatures as measured by satellite. The data is from Remote Sensing Systems of Santa Rosa, California and is very similar to the satellite temperature data from the University of Huntsville, Alabama. You can see the cooling that occurred in 1992 from the eruption of Mt. Pinautbo and the large spike up in temperatures in 1998 from the very strong El Niño. The bold black line represents the computer model forecasts of the temperatures out beyond the year 2020. Two lighter black lines represent the outer limits of the uncertainty in the forecast. In other words, the forecast temperature could fall anywhere within the outer two lines but is most likely near the bold black line. The solid red line is the actual trend in the temperatures and the dashed red lines indicate the limits of the uncertainty in the measured temperatures. The graph has been set to 1996. When the models are run backwards from that time, they do a […]

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