Karen Rasmussen

Ice sculpture contest winners receive prizes

March 22, 2012 // 0 Comments

On February 25, the Ice Festival contest winners came into Rockford to receive their prizes from the “Michigan Mitten” Ice Sculpture put on by J.T. Stitchery, Sage & Roses and Vitale’s. The winner for the “guess the number of objects in the sculpture” was McKenzie Szalai. The total number of objects was 3,183, and McKenzie guessed 3,000—that was the closest guess without going over. She received a gift bag from J.T. Stitchery valued at approximately $30 and a gift certificate to Sage & Roses. The “guess for the melt date” winner was Jenna Border, who guessed right on at February 1. She received gift bags from J.T. Stitchery and Sage & Roses valued at approximately $30 each.