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Hunters & Anglers — September 30, 2010

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Do you want to have better-tasting venison? Tips for hunters from Kelly’s Deer Processing Colon Kelly believes it is wrong to waste venison with improper hunting techniques and hopes a little knowledge will improve the taste of venison, the amount of venison from each deer and avoid the unfortunate handling practices that can spoil an entire deer for consumption. “Every year when there are warm hunting seasons, we end up throwing entire deer into the dumpster,” Kelly stated. With temperatures moderate as deer season begins, Kelly dreads having to throw out deer that were shot and mishandled. He pointed out that mismanagement of the animal can begin with the first shot. “The hunter needs to take a little extra time and pick the shot carefully,” Kelly advised. He said hunters who shoot into the loin, tenderloin or hind legs are going to waste meat. According to Kelly, those parts of the deer are the most prime meat on the animal and also have extra blood vessels there. Shooting into the prime meat and destroying blood vessels is shooting away the best source of prime cuts. Kelly also warns against non-lethal shots. “Don’t shoot in the wrist, ankle or face,” he said. “That won’t kill the deer but will cause it unnecessary stress an send it running for its life.” The stress of a non-lethal shot is not only cruel, but is another way to ruin the meat. “A stressed-out deer running with an injury also breaks blood vessels and the muscles go into rigor mortis, like a Charlie horse,” Kelly described. “That won’t be good meat.” Once a deer has been killed with a clean, lethal shot, the next step is field dressing. Kelly said field-dressing nose to tail is crucial. “Anything that isn’t meat and bone will sour the venison,” he admonished. Completely and carefully removing skin, entrails, fat and making sure nothing is stuck to the body is vital. Then wash the deer with water if possible, or at least wipe with wet paper towel. The next step is one he has seen hunters overlook often in his 35 years of processing game. “You have to fill the body cavity with ice,” he said. Even in cold seasons, even if snow is falling, […]

Local donations send jerky treats to troops

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Kelly’s Deer Processing is gearing up for another Jerky for the Troops shipment. Everyone is invited to attend Friday January 29, 2010 from noon until 3 p.m. at CK’s Place Banquet Facility on Northland Drive south of Big Rapids. Anyone who is sponsoring a solider anywhere in the world will be greeted with appetizers, soft drinks and shipping boxes waiting to be labeled. You may bring personal items for your soldier, add them to a box of “Jerky Worth Fighting For” along with the latest copy of Hooks and Bullets outdoor magazine. Each box will then be closed and labeled and taken to the local Post Offices for immediate delivery to soldiers all over the world. Some of this years jerky will be marked for two local units out of Muskegon. Many more boxes will be available for any soldier until the jerky is all gone. So please come early to this event and help us send “Jerky to the Troops”. The employees at Kelly’s have been busy cutting and trimming donated venison all season. Thousands of pounds of venison and thousands of dollars in cash together equals over 1,000 pre-packed half-pound packages of tasty Michigan venison jerky. This “Jerky for the Troops” is now ready for shipment. Donations for postage are still needed to complete this year’s efforts. So please help us help the soldiers by bringing a donation for postage. We are planning on sending 75 to 100 boxes at this time. This has all been made possible through the efforts of: Jeff Morey and his Family Support Group, the Sanctuary Game Ranch, Little Town Jerky, Challenger Game Ranch, The Hired Guns from Camp Swampy, Hooks and Bullets Magazine, Bill Beach Antler Mounts, SCI National and many other generous companies and individuals. For more information about this years “Jerky for the Troops” and to find out how you can help us send this Jerky please call Colin Kelly at (231) 796-5414. CK’s Place Banquet Facility is located at 11515 Northland Drive, 3 miles south of the city of Big Rapids.