Kent County Sheriff’s Deputies

‘Better than Twilight’ author says of vampire movie, e-book

October 28, 2010 // 0 Comments

Independent film to premier November 13 by BETH ALTENA They were confronted by Kent County Sheriff’s Deputies because someone thought they were grave-robbing in a local cemetery. “When you are wielding swords in a cemetery at night, nothing good is going on,” explained Kay Bouma. Bouma was describing one of the adventures that went into filming an independent movie related to her book, The Mysterious Legend of Vladimir. The movie premieres November 13 at Kent Theatre in Cedar Springs. Vampire fans should show up early, and Bouma believes all who attend will be impressed at what can be done with a zero budget. A children’s book explaining hemophilia was the first step in what may become a career as an author and independent film producer for Bouma. The 1978 Rockford graduate gave birth 11 years ago to twins with a severe bleeding disorder. She soon realized the condition was not generally understood and wrote a children’s book about it. “I sold the book,” she explained about her entry into the life of an author. A pharmaceutical company purchased her story and uses it for education. That was Bouma’s first sale, now far surpassed in sales by a different kind of story. Bouma e-published The Mysterious Legend of Vladimir on the self-publishing website Smashworks in April 2009 and its sequel that same spring. “It hit the best seller list in two weeks and sold 2,000 copies the first year,” she said. Cousin to The DaVinci Code author Dan Brown, Bouman said she has a modest job now and hopes to be able to write full time if her success continues. The two volumes together constitute a full-length novel, and rave reviews came from such unexpected sources as musician Michael Bublé. “It’s a very different kind of vampire story,” Bouma said of her work. Vladimir has a Smashworks reader rating of five stars, the highest. A review by Heather Sakosky at Suite 101 online describes the book as, “An incredibly worthy read and at only $2.95, it is affordable and accessible.” Descriptions of the story show that Bouma was successful in her attempts to give a new twist to an old topic. Bouma said her interest in the world of vampires predates the current popularity of the […]