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Kimberly’s donates to NKSC

June 17, 2010 // 0 Comments

Kimberly’s Boutique, a specialty retailer in Rockford, announced that it is presenting a $2,000 donation to North Kent Service Center (NKSC) as part of Brighton’s Feed Our Friends fundraiser. Kimberly’s Boutique was among retailers across the United States that joined with Brighton last summer in selling a limited-edition collection of semi-precious jewelry designed especially to help feed struggling Americans. “To help us decide where to direct our donations, we asked retailers who participated in the fundraiser to nominate their American Heroes—people in the community who lead tax-exempt nonprofit organizations that are feeding people,” said Laura Young, president of sales and marketing for Brighton, a Los Angeles-based maker of fine ladies’ accessories. “We selected North Kent Service Center from among hundreds of entries that we received because of the passion that Kimberly’s Boutique and the store’s customers showed for their work their ‘hero’ does in the community.” Donating by design is a continuing tradition at Brighton, where founder and owner Jerry Kohl and his team of designers have created jewelry collections that have raised over $3 million for breast cancer charities and over $1 million to fight women’s heart disease. With the American Heroes collection, they focused their creative efforts on the growing number of people going hungry due to the economy. “We all have people in our lives that we’re concerned about, so I decided to find a way we can make a difference in their lives,” Kohl said. “That’s how the American Heroes jewelry and additional Feed Our Friends programs came about.” Known for excellent quality and broad-ranging assortment of finely crafted accessories, Brighton produces handbags, jewelry, belts, footwear, small leather essentials, luggage, fragrances and gifts which are sold in 142 Brighton Collectibles stores and over 5,000 specialty stores across the United States. For more information, visit

Tree story continues at Kimberly’s Boutique

May 27, 2010 // 0 Comments

When Lucille was a little seedling Little did she know That when she fully matured She’d have two children in tow. Their life began in a greenhouse Where they were nurtured and watered Lucille beamed with pride As she watched her son and daughter. One day a woman came And walked down all the aisles She chose Lucille and her children And in a truck they were piled. They found themselves in her studio And with clippers she began to form Their heads and arms and torsos They found themselves reborn! Lucille was proud of her new waist And to her great surprise Her children now could wave to her She couldn’t believe her eyes! Once again a truck arrived But to Lucille’s dismay, She was left behind And her children were taken away. Lucille was overcome with grief And solemnly made a vow To reunite with her children Someday, somehow. In a few days The same truck returned Lucille was lifted in Now would her fate be learned? She saw a sign reading “Rockford” Lucille was afraid to peek The truck stopped in front of a store Named Kimberly’s Boutique. Lucille was proudly potted And placed in front of the store She quickly realized Her task was to greet shoppers at the door. “What a lovely little town” Lucille felt so very proud She showed off her new hat and purse While waving to the crowd. Lucille turned her head And looked across and down the street A post office, a toy store Candy and sweets! Lucille let out a gasp As she saw the store filled with toys For there standing watch outside Were her darling girl and boy! She called, “My precious little cedars” As tears filled her eyes And when they finally saw her They began to cry. What a celebration It compares to no other When these little cedar sapiens Were united with their mother! If you wander to downtown Rockford The cedar sapiens you should greet Head to Aunt Candy’s and Kimberly’s Both on Courtland Street. You’ll be happy to know Lucille and her children are together You’ll discover them outside In any kind of weather. And even though you may say: You’re talking about a tree They are […]

New space allows Kimberly’s to grow

May 20, 2010 // 0 Comments

Rockford gained a retail storefront and The Sewing Room gained some square footage with a little juggling of tenants at 54 Courtland Street. Kimberly’s Boutique expanded to the shop to the east and The Sewing Room moved back to behind Kimberly’s back door (formerly Keren Hart). Building and Kimberly’s Boutique owner Kim Smith said her addition opened the day before Mother’s Day. “It was a phenomenal day,” Smith said. She completely remodeled the space from its former service use to retail. With new lights, walls, paint the area is bright, colorful and packed with product. Shoppers can use either of the two entrances and walk freely between the spaces, together totalling about 3,000 square feet. “It’s almost like a mini-mall,” Kimberly said. “People should be able to find everything from casual to formal. It’s all color coordinated, so if you know the color you want you can go right to it.” Kimberly said The Sewing Room owner Liz is also tickled with the arrangement. Kimberly’s gained two dressing rooms and another entrance on Courtland. Smith’s store offers apparel, purses, gifts, jewelry, including Brighton and Chamilia and more. Beads are hot this year and Not Your Daughters Jeans continue to be very popular. Kimberly’s opened in June, 1993 and employs six people. The store is open seven days a week.

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