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First band car raffle puts Chevy Malibu keys in couple’s hands

October 28, 2010 // 0 Comments

Winning a new car for the cost of a $25 ticket, and all for a good cause is probably a great feeling. This year’s Rockford marching band program fundraiser was a raffle for a 2011 Chevrolet Malibu. According to Chris Vanzee, band booster president, this is the first year the band tried to raise funds by raffling a car. Volunteers sold a total of 1,344 tickets for the fundraiser, which supports the sixth- through 12th-grade band programs. “We would love to thank the community for their support of our fine band program,” Vanzee said. “It takes lots of hard work and creative fundraising to bring in enough money to put together a competitive marching band show. Thankfully we have several volunteers to help us with this great task. We had people who were eager to pound the pavement and contributed to the success of this raffle. We also appreciate Ric’s grocery store, D&W Fresh Market, The Score, Thunderbay car wash, Buffalo Wild Wings, and the City of Rockford for allowing us to bring the car to their locations and sell tickets.” The winner, Karen DeBlaay, is a great-aunt to one of the band’s trumpet players, Travis Van’t Voort. It was very exciting for their entire family to see someone they knew win the car. DeBlaay was very excited and was shocked that she had won. She had stated that she didn’t intend to win, but just wanted to help the band. She is very excited and would love to see the marching band perform at their next competition, the Lakeshore Invitational on Saturday, Oct. 30 at the Ted in Rockford.

Radio personality wins $50,000 Corvette

September 17, 2009 // 0 Comments

This makes up for the flowers he didn’t get her on their 40th anniversary this July. Gary Allen, morning host of newsradio wood 1300, was the lucky winner of a 2009 Corvette, a car that sells in the $50,000 range and boasts about 435 horsepower. The car was the prize for this year’s Grand Valley Corvette Association annual raffle, which the club has been holding for 28 years. The ticket sales for the raffle were sold out this year, and allowed the club to give a $15,000 check to an organization for Downs syndrome children and $15,000 check for a Spina Bifida foundation. In the 28 years of the raffle, the group has raised and donated just under $600,000. The couple took possession of the vehicle on Monday, September 14 at Kool Chevrolet on Plainfield Avenue. Laurie, Gary’s wife, said that in their family, she has always driven the cars without automatic transmission, so this car should be hers. “He always lets me be the one to drive the sticks, so I guess this is my car,” she stated. She said the couple has already had conversations about whether the family dog, Calvin, will be allowed in the vehicle. He says no, she says yes. “I have a sheepskin I put in the back and there is a perfect space for him right there.” Dave Bailey, sales manager at Kool Chevrolet, said he is proud to partner with the automotive club in their efforts. “I never really realized how hard they work selling the tickets to raise this money,” he said. “Members are out at car shows every weekend, trail-ering the car all over the state and selling tickets. We are proud to be part of this every year and will continue to do so.” Bailey said Allen buys tickets every year and he is happy the couple won the summer of their 40th anniversary. It is also the Grand Valley Corvette Association’s 40th year, making it an extra special coincidence. “This is a cool (Kool?) story,” Bailey said. “A Corvette is nice, but so is a 40th anniversary.” Allen said he thought the first trip in the car would likely be a nice color tour around the state. “This is a happy day,” said […]

All-new 2010 Camaro to be unveiled at

April 30, 2009 // 0 Comments

The all new 2010 muscle car is the best Camaro yet. Kool Chevrolet, 3770 Plainfield Avenue, would like to invite everyone in to the dealership on Wednesday for the introduction of this exciting new car.   The Camaro was born in 1967 and was last produced in 2002. You will see many takeoffs from the very popular 1969 Camaro but brought forward with modern day technology and styling upgrades to be America’s 21st century sports car. Kool will have the car on display at their new car showroom along with customers’ Camaros from the past 40 years. Kool would also like to invite any other Camaro owners to drive their own Camaro to Kool and enter to win a 1/24th scale 2010 Camaro. Showroom hours will be from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Kool is located at 3770 Plainfield N.E. across from Meijer and would like to invite everyone down for this fun filled event.