Leah Woltansus

Stage play brings area families together

December 1, 2011 // 0 Comments

Christmas is certainly a time when most people gather with family and friends for fun and frivolity. It’s just a given nowadays. Families look for creative ways to enjoy the tidings of the season. Some volunteer their time at a soup kitchen, some might wander their neighborhood streets singing Christmas carols, and some might hop in the car one evening and drive miles just to look at thousands of Christmas lights. But, for a small group of people in northern Kent County, they’ve chosen to celebrate their Christmas holidays by taking to the stage. The cast and crew of “The Christmas Carol,” which numbers well over 40, is comprised largely of people who just happen to be related to each other. The production director boasts that it’s truly a family affair. “It’s wonderful to see so many families involved in such a fashion,” said Terri Riggle, production stage director. “They’re having fun and spending a lot of time together in a worthwhile project.” Ebenezer Scrooge is played by Rockford’s Virgil Hubbard. Hubbard’s wife, Kathleen, who’s making her acting debut on the Kent Theatre stage, is playing the wife of the character Fred, Scrooge’s nephew. Cedar Springs resident Russ Cole, who is Bob Cratchit, is also given singing direction under the guidance of his wife, Carolee, who is the production’s music director. Laura Johnson, who plays Christmas Present, also enjoys being on stage with her son, Tom, who plays Young Scrooge. And the list continues. There are two mother-and-daughter combinations, Judy and BreAnna Schulz of Howard City and Eva Walters and her daughter, Mystic, also from Howard City. Then there’s the Price family, all from Cedar Springs, who have four out of their five members involved in the play. Jon, the father, is playing dual roles of Mr. Fezziwig and the Ghost of Christmas Future. His wife, Tammy, is Mrs. Fezziwig. Their son, Jordan, is Dick Wilkins and daughter, Grace, is Martha Cratchit. Then there’s the sister-and-brother combination of Leah and Andrew Woltansus from Kent City, who are playing the Ghost of Christmas Past and Peter Cratchit, respectively. Howard City resident Jennifer Nind is the production stage assistant and is mother to Michael, who is playing the Young Errand Boy. Cedar Springs resident Scott Phillips plays […]