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Rockford’s top ten academic graduates honored

June 4, 2009 // 0 Comments

In a large school district like Rockford, with 610 students in the graduating class, earning top 10 academic honors is an incredible achievement. Rockford’s top 10 students are an example of excellence for our district. If you see any of these students in the future, congratulate them on their hard work and wish them well in their future endeavors. Rockford will be proudly represented in these students as they work toward their next accomplishments. Allison Dodgers is the tenth-ranked student in the 2009 Rockford High School graduating class. With a grade-point average (GPA) of 4.527, Dodgers is the daughter of Chuck and Karen. Her favorite subjects in school include choir, literature, science and math. In addition to working hard on academics, Dodgers participated in school musicals, “Oliver” in her junior year and “Beauty and the Beast” this year, where she played Mrs. Potts. She also takes private voice lessons, does volunteer work and is active in her church youth group. Dodgers plans to major in biology and has the long-term goal of going into the medical field while remaining strongly affiliated with her church, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and becoming involved in missionary work. Sharing the rank of the eighth-highest graduating senior is Lena Sims, the daughter of Connie and Les. Sims graduated with a GPA of 4.546. The classes she found most enjoyable at RHS include physics and accounting courses. The student-athlete also competed in crew for three years. Sims is a member of the National Honor Society and is a volunteer for C-Snip. She will attend Ohio State University to study business, but has not yet decided on a business specialty. She has not made a decision on what her career will be, but it will be in the business field, perhaps in the financial world.      Trevor Holloway is the sixth-ranked RHS class of 2009 graduate. The son of Donald and Lela, Holloway graduates with a GPA of 4.570. Among Holloway’s favorite subjects are AP physics and AP chemistry. A student-athlete as well as an accomplished academic student, Holloway also participated in crew and marching band. He played in the wind ensemble band, is a National Honor Society Member, has been a Boy Scout, and is active in community […]

Rockford senior honored

May 7, 2009 // 0 Comments

by CHRISTINE BIGNEY Lena Sims looks like the-girl-next-door, a senior at Rockford High School. She’s articulate, pleasant to talk to, and occasionally humorous. Any parent would be proud to have Lena as their daughter, just on that basis alone. But Lena is something special. Not only does she thrive on “lots of AP (advanced placement) classes,” such as AP English, AP calculus, AP physics, and AP Spanish, Lena has won an award that many students would find elusive. This past January, Lena won 1st place at the State Competition in Fundamental Accounting, an award sponsored by the Business Professionals of America. Mr. Noel Fike, Lena’s BPA chapter advisor, and teacher of business management courses at Rockford High School, asked his business students if any of them would be interested in competing for this award. “This is something new for Rockford this year. We get extra funding from the state if we have this available to the students. We had 27 members this year,” Fike said. Fike went on to say that there were many competitions to compete in at Davenport University. Five students from Rockford were able to go to Regionals, Lena being the only one scoring 100 percent. Was the test hard? “Not really,” Lena said, smiling. “There were a few things I didn’t know, but we were allowed to use the manual, so as long as you had an idea, you were ok.” The awards ceremony was held at the Amway JW Marriott, where 2000 people gathered in anticipation of the announcement of the awards. “I really hoped I would just make nationals, but I couldn’t believe I was number one in the state!” Lena exclaimed. Lena hopes to pursue international accounting, “So I can use my Spanish,” she said. Ohio State or the University of Michigan is her college choices. “Hopefully over Spring break I can make a decision.” Mr. and Mrs. Fike along with Lena’s mom Connie, will be accompanying Lena to the nationals in Dallas, Texas May 6 through May 10. Lena’s dad, Leslie Sims, is currently in Iraq, working as an electrician government contractor. He has been there since last October. When asked if she participates in any sports, Lena replied that she was in Crew for three years, […]