Letters to Santa

‘Dear Santa’ contest brings in many kids’ letters

December 21, 2011 // 0 Comments

Although the task of reading over the many “Dear Santa” entries was fun, The Rockford Squire staff had a hard time choosing only three winners. The first three letters to Santa listed here are the winners, and the remaining thereafter were just so cute we had to print as many as we could fit in! The three winners may come into the Squire office, 331 Northland Dr., to claim their NorthStar Cinemas “Cinema Cash.”   WINNER! Dear Santa, I would like a LaLa Loozy doll with a tree house and a bus. I would like a car, but not a big one. Kind of like Cam’s, but he has a jeep and I’d like a car. A Barbie car. And a cat women figure. I like your elves Santa. And I like your suit. Make sure you don’t eat too many cookies or you will have a tummy ache. Erin Morgan, Age 5         WINNER! Dear Santa, You’re the best Santa ever! Can I please have some trucks? I’m a really good boy at school. I would like an ornament that’s not cracked. Merry Christmas to Santa! Aiden Humphrey, Age 4-1/2   WINNER! Dear Santa, Wat I want for Christmas is, love, care, headphones, IPod touch, Friends & aesy bake uven! Kaitlynn Mountney, Age 9   Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is an I Pod touch, pillow pet, one of your bells off of your slay, anything purple, cases for my I Pod nano, a pictour of you Santa, and I want you to do the thing that you did last year you gave me some books every day and we got to unwrap them every morning. And that is what I want for Christmas Santa. Merry Christmas Santa! Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho. Love, Ashley Faulkner, Age 9           Dear Santa, I would like an electric dinosaur with stuff on it. I would like Woody’s Round-Up game. Joshua Remmes, Age 5   Dear Santa, Christmas is not about presentes it is about spending time with each otehr and the holidays. What I want is a remote control helicopter. I hope I am on the good list. ho ho ho Santa! Jordan Brechting, Age 7   Dear Santa, How are you doing? What is […]

Santa wants to know what you think this holiday season

December 15, 2011 // 0 Comments

Kids, look in this issue of the Squire for your chance to fill out a letter to Santa on page 22. Some of the letters will be published in the paper next week. Young readers (pictured l–r) Bailey, 3, and Aiden, 4-1/2, dropped off their letters to Santa last week. Here at the Squire, we make sure the letters reach their correct destination.

Letter to Santa a winner

December 30, 2010 // 0 Comments

Many thanks to all the children who took the time to write letters to Santa this year. Elizabeth Lane, 6, was one of the writers who received a gift package of movie passes to NorthStar Cinemas for her letter in the December 23 Squire. Lane, a Lakes Elementary School student, reports that she had a great Christmas.