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Technical competency of experts judged

July 23, 2015 // 0 Comments

Editor: Everyone knows that a lay person who is on a governing body, be it a village, city, township, county, state, or federal level, that lay person knows much, much more about technical matters and technical competency that the experts.  Yes, these lay persons hire experts to make judgments about structural integrity, about site remediation, and ability of contractors to specify sampling procedures for remediation, but often ignore the advice.  These lay people can judge the ability of a contractor to meet requirements set by the State of Michigan Environmental Protection Agency. Why do the governing bodies need these experts anyway, since they so often ignore their assessment and instead use the much more vast technical competency that these experts.  We don’t need anyone to devote their formal studies and their experience – minds are made up in advance – why even have a hearing? We should just let any and all contaminated sites sit forever, because we all know that the lay people who sit in judgment will never believe that competency exists within anyone except themselves. You may note from my address that I live just outside the city limits of Rockford, but have been amazed and some of the decisions from local governing bodies which are contrary to expert opinion.   Henry R. Greeb 5727 11 Mile Road NE Rockford, MI 49341-9502 616 433 9050

Letters to the Editor

October 28, 2010 // 0 Comments

More input on mystery balls  Dear Editor,  I don’t know if this story has brought any further information, but my mother-in-law saw these floating balls the same night in Rockford. She took pictures and asked me to come over to check them out. She was pretty freaked also. In talking with some friends, I brought these fireballs up. They knew exactly what I was talking about. While camping in Grand Haven this summer, they witnessed these as well. They found where they were coming from along the beach. Apparently, they are plastic grocery bags that have been filled with a special kind of gas, lit on fire on the inside, tied, and then let go to float up in the air—all just for fun. Hope this helps! Lauren Hughes via e-mail Fan loved ballpark experience Dear Editor, As a 1973 RHS Alumni, I had not been to a football game in years (my boys graduated in 98 and 01). I thought the game at the Whitecaps sounded like fun and am so glad I decided to go. The football team looked great, the band looked great, but most of all, I enjoyed the drive back to Rock ford with two solid lanes of traffic in front and back of me all the way (it made me feel like what a community!). Parking – $5; ticket – $7; feeling like part of the community – priceless. I may even start going to homecoming games again this year. Ruth Reickard Rockford Alumni

Letters to the Editor — November 11, 2009

November 11, 2009 // 0 Comments

Parent awareness night presented by students Dear Editor, I was invited by a student to Chandler Woods’ Parent Awareness Night on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Individuals of the eighth-grade class gave presentations on topics that deal with teen issues. Some of the topics included were suicide, child abuse, peer pressure, abortion, evolution, eating disorders, divorce, drug use, etc. I fought back the tears as a student named Sarah read a poem about a three-year-old that was killed by her alcoholic father. She showed photographs she had found in magazines and pointed out statistics of abuse. Sarah shared with me that many of the children were ages 0-3 and unable to cry out for help, much of it is behind closed doors. I had no idea that child abuse was such a common problem. One of the students who was making the awareness of “cutting” said that she personally knew of about 20 kids who do this to themselves ages 10-30; some do it for attention and some because they are really hurting inside and don’t know how to express themselves. I was also amazed to find out that some seemingly harmless video games such as Pokemon and Dungeons are linked to suicides and murder. The young children that play the games are influenced negatively to devalue life and unknowingly engage in introductory forms of witchcraft. Some of the children start acting out what they’ve learned, have social, mental and/or emotional problems, and many have symptoms of bi-polar or start hearing voices. These eighth-graders were able to speak to me at such a deep level. I was impressed with their authority and boldness. I asked a few of the kids why they chose their topics. Most of them all chose topics that have affected their life and people they know. They were so passionate about what is going on around them, it was like they were showing me “look at all these dark places” and then saying “let’s turn on a light; you can be that light.” They taught me how to recognize someone who is being abused or abusing themselves and what to do about it. I was greatly impacted by my visit. I really felt like I was surrounded by a small army of heroes fighting […]

Letters to the Editor – July 23, 2009

July 23, 2009 // 0 Comments

Tragedy averted at crosswalk  Dear Editor, I doubt these young teens will read this, but perhaps their parents will. I saw two kids walking south to the corner of Fremont and Division streets. I waited for the traffic light to turn green, and then started to turn. These kids abruptly started walking right in front of my vehicle. They didn’t even look to see if there was oncoming traffic. There are crosswalk signals at this corner, but obviously “DO NOT WALK” was ignored. If I hadn’t braked, I would have hit at least one of these children! And if the driver behind me wasn’t alert, I would have been rear-ended for the sudden stop. I thank my lucky stars that a tragedy was averted. I did yell out my window, “Watch where you’re going,” but they didn’t even look back. I’m writing in hopes that kids “look before they leap,” to use a cliché. If, heaven forbid, a toddler ventured out into the street, it would be bad enough. But 13- and 14-year-olds know better!  Sincerely,  Mary Beth Eggleston, Rockford resident   Alpha Family Center, Independent Bank, Save-A-Lot partner together Dear Editor, Alpha Family Center, Independent Bank and Save-A-Lot in Cedar Springs are partnering together to raise support for life—the life of the unborn child. Today, I had a chance to partner with them. I stopped in to Save-A-Lot to make a purchase and donated money along with my purchase. I placed my name on the little baby name tag that will be displayed on the window, along with many others. Let’s raise support together. Stop into Alpha, Save-A-Lot and Independent Bank today to make your donations. Let’s fill up the windows together. Let’s support an organization that cares about the needs of others! Lifewalk is a celebration of the lives saved and cared for through Alpha Family Center. The yearly Lifewalk took place on Saturday, June 20. The walk began at Morley Park and then wound down through the heart of Cedar Springs, stopping to pray at four key locations within the community. Over 200 faithful supporters were in attendance, pledging $17,000 in support! Everyone who participated received a t-shirt and fellowship as they rejoiced once again in God’s provision for another year. Three women […]

Letters to the Editor – May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009 // 0 Comments

Missing Rockford in spring     Dear Editor, My wife and I have lived in Rockford since 2006 and in Belmont prior to that since 2000.  Both of our children finished middle school and have graduated from Rockford High School.  In November 2008, I mobilized and deployed as part of a Reserve Forces call-up in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Currently, I serve on a Division staff in Iraq. This will be the first year in many that I have not been able to enjoy the spring season in Rockford.  In the desert heat, I think of our town. I’ve compiled a list of my top ten aspects of Rockford living that I miss the most: 10.  Running along the White Pine Trail 9.  Walking through the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings 8.  Friendships made at the range of the Rockford Sportsmen’s Club 7.  Rockford’s wonderfully inviting Memorial Day Parade 6.  Hot dogs at the Corner Bar 5.  Spring Home Show at RHS 4.  Peggy at Peppermill Restaurant who cheerfully refilled my coffee cup 3.  Breakfast with Mark, Mitchell, Bob, Ron, and Andy “anywhere” in Rockford 2.  Eating ice cream with my wife as we sit by Rockford’s downtown waterfalls 1.  Sunday worship services at Blythefield Hills Baptist Church I thought people in Rockford might like to know how our life impacts us and makes our community such a wonderful place to belong.   All the best, David Ronan, Ph.D. LTC, USArmy, CA

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