Letters to the Editor – June 18, 2009

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Letter to the Grand Rapids Press on sewer dedication Dear Mr. Lloyd, How is it the Grand Rapids Press completely missed the most important infrastructure news event of the decade? As the culmination of the area’s most political and controversial topic over the past 10 years, the dedication of the PARCC Side Clean Water Plant in Plainfield Township should have warranted Metro Section front page coverage-at least! Next time you or one of your reporters (Paul Kopenkosky, in particular) travels along Coit Avenue between Woodworth and Hunsberger, keep a sharp eye out for a “flying pig” weather vane on top of an attractive state-of-the-art farmhouse. I’ll let you determine “the rest of the story.” Respectfully,  Dennis R. Cole, P.E. Reader criticizes local news coverage  Dear Editor, For years I have enjoyed the local coverage Rockford receives from its two newspapers. I read them both thoroughly and feel I get pretty good reporting on local issues. Unfortunately two recent local matters have been handled poorly by everyone concerned. First, is the recent school election. We had a miserable turnout. I suppose it might be excused since there was no contested race or issue. That really misses the point. I have no other news media that is concerned about Rockford. When a school board race is uncontested it can be that the public is just that satisfied, which is very likely given the great job our school board does. But, in this case neither local paper gave any advance notice of the election that might have created interest by other candidates. You have a duty to create interest and to chastise this community when we don’t respond. You have a done neither and we are just lucky that good people continue to be willing to serve. Please reevaluate your role as a “community conscience” and help create a more dynamic atmosphere for elections. Secondly, I have been thrilled like other residents to witness the eagles. They stir us so with their majesty, but every expert has warned that too much attention will drive them away from us. Your coverage has not only increased the traffic safety risk, it has also created constant crowds. Hopefully, the eagles will ignore us, but if they don’t you must assume a […]

Letters to the Editor – June 4, 2009

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What’s wrong with this picture? Dear Editor On May 25 I heard a small plane overhead as I was in my front yard. I looked up and the plane was towing a banner behind it. It circled the City several times, as the parade was forming. The banner was advertising Fox Motor sales in Grand Rapids. I am under the impression this dealership is owned by a member of the DeVos Family (Amway). Evidently making money is more important to them than the true meaning of Memorial Day. Nancy Simonis, Rockford        Dogs in City parks Dear Editor, Readers of the Letters to the Editor section in the Thursday, May 21, 2009 edition of The Rockford Squire might have erroneously been led to believe that dogs are banned from Rockford City parks.  The writer of the letter encourages the Rockford City Council to reconsider and overturn a “no dogs” ruling at the Rockford Farm Market and City parks.  While it is true that dogs are not allowed at the Rockford Farm Market it is not true that dogs are banned from the City’s fine and extensive parklands.    For numerous reasons-most importantly public health, safety, and liability issues-the Rockford City Council, after due deliberation and open debate, wisely chose to ban dogs from the Rockford Farm Market. Overwhelmingly Market attendees understand and accept the rationale for for the City Council ruling.  In closing, dogs have never been banned from Rockford City parks.  The only requirement for dogs in parks is that they must be on leash.  An unspoken, socially correct requirement is that dog owners clean up after their pets if necessary. Nancy Fahner Rockford Resident

Letters to the Editor — May 7, 2009

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Dear Editor, As I reflect on the past thirty years here in Rockford, I marvel at the way I and my family have been blessed. Back in 1979, interest rates were high at 18 percent and more. Every store front in town was full. Barb Stein was already here at the same location (Great Northern Trading) and Baskets in the Belfry was upstairs in the old barn mall. The Hotdog Hall of Fame was known far and wide. The Barn Mall was in front of Great Northern Trading, and leaned to the north. Many thought it would fall over any day. People, old people, would come on busses and complain about high prices. Why, coffee had reached 25 cents a cup in some places! Hundreds of businesses have come and gone in these past thirty years. The Cookery Nook, O’Fudge and the Outdoor Cook all became part of our store. People still complain about high prices, especially old people. Young people like to point out their sophistication and let us know how things are done on the West Coast. My oldest sons, Jeff and Doug, were in high school, and have worked with Sharon and myself from opening day. Heidi was in junior high and Bryan was starting second grade. All are now married and still are able to make a living at our store. The other day, a sophisticated lady complained that Heidi’s six-year-old daughter was behind the counter. Well, all of our grandchildren have grown up with our business. Andy, the oldest, works full time. Michael and Ashley work part-time while in school. All of my business life, I have dreamed about a farmstead location. To have been given this is not a reward from hard work, but a blessing from our Lord. Now, to the point, it is not buildings, it is what goes on in buildings. People must be able to serve and produce things, thereby making a living. It’s business that makes a location, not the other way around. Anyone who knows me, knows I love history. When it’s possible to make use of old buildings, it helps preserve some of our history. However, if we go back to the beginning of Rockford, and all insisted that things remain the […]

Letters to the Editor

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Thanks for promoting cure for diabetes family fun day Dear Editor, Thanks again for the support you are giving to promote my family fun day. I know that my event would not be as successful if generous groups like the Squire did not help me. I did notice a correction opportunity to the article this week. The article described the cost of a “poker hand” as a minimum donation of $25. The actual cost on the day of the event of a single hand is only $10 and a family pack which you describe is $30 (which include 4 poker hands and the various gift certificates). The $25 donation described in the flyer was for pre-registration via the web site which includes a gift to the participant of a t-shirt and one additional poker hand on the day of the event. I apologize for any confusion I created by having so many options for donation. As always, I am trying to create a win-win for my charity and the participants. I was blown away to see the picture of Scott and I on the front page this week and feel blessed to have a community of people like yourself to help me make a contribution to finding a cure for diabetes! Chris Radford

Letters to the Editor

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‘A Message to You’ inspires reader to share own story I read A Message for You in the Rockford Squire recently and it made me think of the way I have seen alot of people driving. I no longer drive because I could have lost my life a few years ago. I thank God everyday that I am still here. I agree with Rev. Laurie TenHave-Chapman. So many people seem to be in a rush with their lives and on the road. I would like to share my story with those people. Three years ago, me and a friend were driving down 14 Mile Road and there was a car in front of us. In a split second the car in front of me jamed on their brakes and all I could think was turn. As I was going right (the other driver has his turn signal to go left), he decided to come my way. Thank God I went into the ditch. I hit my head on the review mirror and had a flat tire. No one else was hurt. The police were called but the other driver had left the scene. Three months later I read a story in the Grand Rapids paper and it made me think of this night on 14 Mile Road. Fast drivers, do all of us a favor and slow down. Life doesn’t have to pass you by that fast. Brandy Sisco Rockford    

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