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Keep responsible Cannon government Dear Editor, Hi, my name is Karen Fiebig and I am writing because I do not like what I believe to be half-truths. Recently, a number of Cannon Township residents received a mailing from the opponents to the reelection of the majority of our Cannon Township Board. This mailing claimed that the majority of our Board voted down a motion to decrease our millage. Of course they did! It was the responsible thing to do. I know this because I was a trustee on the Cannon Township Board in the 1990s. I also know that the only millage that the Cannon Township Board has yearly discretionary control over is less than 1 mill (.83 mills). Even though this is a small amount per individual household, added together it makes a difference in our township budget. Responsible boards do not pass motions without empirical data and/or impact statements to show the effect on the budget. Check out the March 26, 2012 minutes on the Cannon website and while you are at it, please read more to prove how responsible our Board has been in contracting with the North Kent Sewer Authority (NKSA). Whole truths speak for themselves. Please vote for the majority of the standing Cannon Township Board in the Primary Election on Aug. 7, 2012. They deserve to be reelected for the many accomplishments they have made in our behalf and for responsibly and ethically representing us all. Thank you. Karen Fiebig Rockford resident Reader questions EPA article Dear Editor, I would like to comment on some inaccuracies in the July 5’s front page article, “EPA turns tannery site back to Wolverine, MDEQ.” Initially, it was reported that EPA was approached by only three concerned citizens. In fact, the Preliminary Assessment Petition that was sent to the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was signed by 25 individuals, many of whom are leaders in our community, not just three. These signatories belonged to an organization of concerned citizens that currently consists of over 150 interested individuals. Additionally, the West Michigan Environmental Action Council, Kent Conservation District, and Clean Water Action share our concerns regarding documented impacts to groundwater, to soil and to the Rogue River Watershed, as related to the recent tannery […]


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Reader shares story of neighborly kindness Dear Editor, We wanted to share a good citizen story. I ran an errand to Ric’s Market, not knowing that my husband’s wallet and car keys were on the trunk of my car. They made it all the way to Myers Lake Road and we found the wallet (mostly empty) in the dark around 11:30 p.m. The next morning, a Kent County Deputy Sheriff came to our house with the rest of the contents of his wallet and the keys, which had ended up on the side of the road. Bill Larsen (a backyard neighbor we didn’t know) had turned in everything (including cash) to be returned to us. He refused any reward, and just asked that if the opportunity presents itself, we return the favor and “pay it forward” to someone else. We will, Bill—and thanks again! Bob and Diane Jones Cannon Township residents Reelect current board members to stay on course of fiscal responsibility, community improvement Dear Editor, I am writing to urge residents of Cannon Township to vote in the August 7 primary elections for incumbents Steve Grimm (supervisor), Bonnie Blackledge (clerk), Dick Davies (treasurer), Deb Diepenhorst and Diane Jones (trustees). For the past several years, these officials have been exemplary servants to our community. These representatives have been extremely financially responsible; holding their own salaries steady while increasing employee contribution to their healthcare plans. The clerk and treasurer positions have been reduced to part-time hours, which results in a savings of $19,000 annually. Our community has continued to flourish, and under their leadership the fire barn expansion was completed and no additional debt was accrued by the township. A comprehensive plan for sewer maintenance is underway, including an ongoing improvement project for lift stations. Ninety percent of the engineering costs for the lift stations was obtained from a state grant, and further funding is being pursued at a low 2.5 percent interest rate through bonds. Thanks to a conservative spending approach, Cannon Township has increased its fund balance by almost $500,000 in the last two budgets. Rather than just hoping for the best, these people come to work every day and carefully plan and strategize to achieve these impressive results. Such dedicated board members are what […]


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Letter prompts more memories, story suggestion Dear Editor, I enjoyed reading Joan La Ban’s letter regarding the Bostwick Lake Inn (BLI), especially the comments on Jim and Sue Bert. If somebody has their biography, it would make excellent reading, especially Sue Bert’s history in the theater. My dad, Frank Elerick, used to stop at the BLI for a beer after work, and take my brother George and me inside once in a while to play an arcade-type game, an electronic machine gun that shot at a Japanese sub. We were probably 6 and 7 years old and had to stand on wooden chairs to reach the gun. This was during WWII, and a direct hit on the sub brought cheers from the bar. Looking forward to visiting BLI later this month. Paul Elerick Aptos, Calif. Local photographer praised by national organization Dear Editor, Bob and I recently hosted the 34th Annual Bobby Jones Open in Grand Rapids. We are so grateful to have Douglas Photography as a local business. He took the best group picture of the golfers. The quality of his work is outstanding and the pricing is so reasonable. There are many places he could have his business and we are so fortunate to have a gifted local photographer. Bob and Diane Jones Cannon Township residents


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Reader thanks Good Samaritan Dear Editor, My sincere gratitude goes to the person who turned in my purse to Family Fare on Northland Drive the afternoon of May 22. I’m not aware of your identity but will always remember your integrity. Thank you! Lorraine Dice Belmont resident Kindergarten Program Change to All Day, Every Day Dear Kindergarten Parents: The House and Senate recently passed school aid bills which require school districts to provide all-day every day kindergarten in order to receive full funding. Therefore, it will be my recommendation to the Board of Education that we implement all-day every day kindergarten and developmental kindergarten beginning the fall of 2012. As you may know, we have worked over the past two years to keep the decision regarding kindergarten at the local level for several reasons, including the financial impact of all-day every day kindergarten. (For information on how all-day every day kindergarten will financially impact Rockford Public Schools, please see my previous letters on the district website.) Thank you for your patience throughout that process. I have advocated that this decision be delayed until the financial condition of public school funding has improved. Mandating an all-day every day schedule during a financial crisis is not in the best interest of all students, developmental kindergarten through 12th grade. Teachers and administrators will now finalize plans for the new kindergarten program, including staffing, professional development, curriculum, transportation, classroom materials and supplies, and communication. Additional information about your child’s program will be provided by your elementary school. If you have any questions on this topic, feel free to contact your child’s principal. Thank you. Dr. Michael S. Shibler Superintendent of Schools Rockford Public Schools Family extends thanks Dear Editor, Arlo Elkins’ passing has left a huge hole in our family. His personality was big and his loyalty to his family and loved ones was fierce. His laugh was infectious and one of a kind. He was dearly loved and will be tremendously missed. Thanks to everyone that has prayed, called and written. We are touched and so grateful. The Elkins family Column brings many fond memories Dear Editor, I couldn’t help but smile when I read Terry Konkle’s column of May 3, regarding Zell Gill. Not having seen his […]


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Bostwick Lake Inn story brought back memories Dear Squire reporters Cliff and Nancy Hill, I so enjoyed your story about the Bostwick Lake Inn. I’m 79 years old and lived all my young life on Goldenrod Dr., Bostwick Lake. My grandparents were best friends with Jim and Sue Bert. Grandma used to help out at the Inn and my folks spent many evenings having a beer and sandwich while I skated. They had a rink with lights and that’s where us kids hung out—swimming and skating was our recreation back then. The Berts built a house on Ramsdell Road that had everyone talking and driving by to see the orange roof—one of the first tile roofs many people in the area never saw before then. The Berts were great people. So glad to see the Inn go back to a more homey, friendly place. Fancy dining didn’t go over too big. Reading this article sure brought back a lot of memories. Thank you. Joan Covell (LaBan) Rockford Ram graduate (1951 Reader shows appreciation of local business Dear Editor, I would appreciate an opportunity to publicly acknowledge the staff at Pederson Funeral Home. This remarkable staff is on call 24 hours a day and just this week performed over 17 funerals. Throughout the years, I have attended several of Pederson’s funerals and have personally been closely involved in two of them. Pederson’s service is exceptional and their kindness and compassion is second to none. In a difficult situation, it is nice to know the two “Daves” and all the other incredible staff are there throughout this journey. Dixie Newell Rockford resident

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