Santa wants to know what you think this holiday season

December 15, 2011 // 0 Comments

Kids, look in this issue of the Squire for your chance to fill out a letter to Santa on page 22. Some of the letters will be published in the paper next week. Young readers (pictured l–r) Bailey, 3, and Aiden, 4-1/2, dropped off their letters to Santa last week. Here at the Squire, we make sure the letters reach their correct destination.


December 8, 2011 // 0 Comments

City lights awed visitor Dear Editor, Thanks to the City of Rockford and the employees for decorating the City with sparkling lights. They left me in awe, a 93-year-young lady, with a renewed spirit of the holiday season. Gramma Anne DeRuiter Another option for holiday giving Dear Editor, I read “What Gift to Give” by Pastor Michael Cisler, and would like to add one more idea: If you don’t want to donate money to a charity in their name as a gift, how about adding another name to your Christmas list: Jesus. As a present for Christ on His birthday, I’d like to suggest that you give to a charity of your choice an amount equal to the cost of the wrapping paper you used on the gifts you gave to others on His birthday. Mary Toft Rockford resident


December 1, 2011 // 0 Comments

GOP mourns Fred Meijer Dear Editor, With our deepest sympathy we extend our thoughts and prayers to the Meijer family following the passing of Fred Meijer. Mr. Meijer cared deeply about our community and he was a generous and thoughtful philanthropist in each and every endeavor he pursued. May God bless the entire Meijer family during this difficult time of grieving. Sam Moore Kent GOP Chairman Groups’ tactics questionable  The CRNA (Central Rockford Neighborhood Association) and/or a sub-group of CRNA called Concerned Citizens for Responsible Re-development appear to have an “End Justifies the Means” attitude when it comes to their perceived contamination of the site of the former Wolverine World Wide Tannery. In spite of scientific testing, due diligence on the part of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) and private soil and water testing laboratories, the CRNA refuses to accept the empirical data and results indicating no unacceptable levels of contaminates on this site. In a recent 100+ page petition to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the group(s) made numerous false statements and knowingly lied in several instances. When confronted by city staff and elected officials about these lies, they responded “yeah, we probably shouldn’t have put that in there, sorry about that”. I can only assume, that by petitioning the EPA, they wish to have this agency also involved with assessing the site based upon the falsehoods, misrepresentations and outright lies found in their petition. It seems as though they wish to have the site declared contaminated and will not accept any other outcome to their efforts, misguided as they may be. On a personal note, these concerned citizens claim that the reason the City of Rockford built a new ground/well water treatment plant and abandoned the surface/river water treatment plant, where Reds on the River currently stands, was due to the increasing contamination from the Wolverine World Wide Tannery. This is blatantly false. I was involved, from day one in the process of exploring options and the building of the new water treatment facility. During my years as superintendent of the Rockford water treatment plant and as Director of Public Services for the City of Rockford, the surface water treatment plant never had any violations […]


November 17, 2011 // 0 Comments

Dog parks improve canine behavior Dear Editor, It has come to my attention that there is a group of local dog owners raising funds to establish a dog park in the city of Rockford. I was part of a group of Lowell area citizens that raised funds for a free, public dog park. Since opening four years ago, our dog park has been found to be a large asset to the community and has been widely welcomed by local dog owners into Lowell’s city parks system. I wanted to pass along some of the positive affects our “off leash” facility has had on our community and some ways it may be a positive addition to yours. One of the most notable and widely reported effects of our dog park is that of improved dog behavior. Park users report that the simple activity of running, sniffing and interacting with other dogs a couple times a week has contributed to the improved health of their dogs, both mentally and physically. Regular visits to a dog park can help a dog become socialized to other dogs, making them less likely to act out when coming within sight of other dogs outside the dog park. Watching dogs run, romp and play together can make for some entertaining moments for owners and visitors at a dog park. People enjoy watching theirs, and other dogs, interact and play together. Rockford is in an enviable position by having a strong reputation of commerce, a well-maintained downtown, and much natural beauty to draw shoppers, tourists and visitors. When traveling, many people bring their dogs along, and a well-run public dog park might be another reason for a dog owner to stop, spend time and get to know the area as a destination or place to shop and do business. Although the emphasis of a dog park is about dogs, they are very pleasant environments for people. My dogs and I have been to many in several states and find them to be friendly environments where people meet and share their common love for dogs. Our local dog park has added a true element of community and has been the basis for many friendships and bonds. We have found that people feel good about […]


November 3, 2011 // 0 Comments

Hills earned tough national honor Dear Editor, As the farm market year comes to a close, I would like to give kudos to Cliff and Nancy Hill. They faithfully set up shop at the farmers market in June, July and August to collect e-mail addresses for voting purposes. Due to their dedication, Rockford came in first place to win as America’s Favorite Farmers Market. What an honor for all of Rockford, not to mention the farmers, bakers and popcorn makers. I know I am looking forward to next year at our favorite farm market to buy the freshest homegrown foods in the state. Green Thumbs Up! Michelle Jennings via e-mail Wounded warrier runner thanks all who made fundraiser possible Dear Editor, I want to thank everyone for your support, both financially, and for the notes and calls offering encouragement toward completing this run to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. We started at 5 a.m. on Friday morning from Forest Hills Foods right here in Cascade, and finished 62 miles later at 4:54 p.m. at the north end of Spartan Stadium in East Lansing. It was a long, windy day but fortunately the 20-30 mph winds were at our back just about the entire way. I found myself reflecting often during the run on how fortunate I am to be able to undertake an adventure like this. In the later stages of the run when my legs were sore, I thought of how minimal, and temporary, that pain was compared what so many of our veterans deal with on a daily basis. Thank you for being a part of this cause. Your support made a huge impact! To date your donations to the Wounded Warrior Project for this event total about $3,500 between the website and the checks I have received! I am awed by the support you have given. I hope that this run has helped increase awareness of the Wounded Warrior Project and their mission. I hope that you will continue to support the cause in the future. Tim Klaes

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