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Letters to the Editor – June 18, 2009

June 18, 2009 // 0 Comments

Letter to the Grand Rapids Press on sewer dedication Dear Mr. Lloyd, How is it the Grand Rapids Press completely missed the most important infrastructure news event of the decade? As the culmination of the area’s most political and controversial topic over the past 10 years, the dedication of the PARCC Side Clean Water Plant in Plainfield Township should have warranted Metro Section front page coverage-at least! Next time you or one of your reporters (Paul Kopenkosky, in particular) travels along Coit Avenue between Woodworth and Hunsberger, keep a sharp eye out for a “flying pig” weather vane on top of an attractive state-of-the-art farmhouse. I’ll let you determine “the rest of the story.” Respectfully, ┬áDennis R. Cole, P.E. Reader criticizes local news coverage ┬áDear Editor, For years I have enjoyed the local coverage Rockford receives from its two newspapers. I read them both thoroughly and feel I get pretty good reporting on local issues. Unfortunately two recent local matters have been handled poorly by everyone concerned. First, is the recent school election. We had a miserable turnout. I suppose it might be excused since there was no contested race or issue. That really misses the point. I have no other news media that is concerned about Rockford. When a school board race is uncontested it can be that the public is just that satisfied, which is very likely given the great job our school board does. But, in this case neither local paper gave any advance notice of the election that might have created interest by other candidates. You have a duty to create interest and to chastise this community when we don’t respond. You have a done neither and we are just lucky that good people continue to be willing to serve. Please reevaluate your role as a “community conscience” and help create a more dynamic atmosphere for elections. Secondly, I have been thrilled like other residents to witness the eagles. They stir us so with their majesty, but every expert has warned that too much attention will drive them away from us. Your coverage has not only increased the traffic safety risk, it has also created constant crowds. Hopefully, the eagles will ignore us, but if they don’t you must assume a […]