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Sidewalk sales find shoppers satisfied, spending

July 23, 2015 // 0 Comments

Rockford’s Sidewalk Sales 2015, like years before, were threatened by weather but dodged the bullet of rain to offer a pleasant shopping experience Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Shoppers of all ages were finding fun deals Thursday, July 16 with sidewalks filled and bags in many people’s hands. We asked the following people what and where they found their deals. Just met for the first time and already BFF Allie, age 5, of Rockford, is pictured with her cousin, Olivia, age 4-1/2, from Tucson, Arizona. Although alike enough to be twins, the two only just met each other for the first time and were getting along like gangbusters. We found them admiring the table items at Main Street Mercantile. A mother-daughter day out in Rockford Lisa Kirchhoff, found some adorable earrings at Glik’s. She is pictured with her daughter Erin, of Rockford, who found a really cute top at the same place.     “We didn’t leave anything behind” Sara Wesche, of Belmont, is pictured with her mother, Valerie Overheul, from Florida. Both had multiple bags and joked, “We didn’t leave anything behind.” They both purchased items from She Active and Sara holds up lotion and other products she picked up at ?. They found some great items at Jade and said they enjoy the music every Tuesday night by the dam, eat at Reds on the River and go to A Charmed Life to get their nails done. That day they ate at Ramona’s Table and were very impressed. Valerie had a veggie wrap and Sara had a Merry Mary, a turkey sandwhich on cranberry bread, which she said was “Thanksgiving on a bun.” Valerie said Sara is her favorite daughter (of one). They look like sisters but are great friends These three girls were coming out of Kimberly’s Boutique when they agreed to pose for this photo. They are friends from school (RHS) and were out scouting for good buys, like these boots. Pictured is Jada Welch, Kaleigh Richmond and Danyell Zmudka, all from Rockford. Kimberly, from Kimberly’s Boutique and Main Street Mercantile, said shopping has been “real pleasant.” She said there were a lot of out-of-towners, and people of all ages shopping together. She likes sidewalk sales. “It gives us time to clean […]

Man on the Street – How would you describe Rockford?

July 9, 2015 // 0 Comments

“Beautiful!” answered our first Man on the Street when asked to describe Rockford. Chet Messer and Shirley Timblin were visiting from Topsham, Maine and Madison, Maine, respectively. They didn’t have enough good things to say about our town. They said the city was absolutely wonderful, from the beauty of it to the friendliness of the people in the shops and restaurants. And don’t forget the brewery, both insisted. The pair were walking around downtown Rockford with Plainfield Township residents Carol Vos and Richard Reed. They have been in town a week and were due to leave the next day, July 4. According to Chet, he has cousins in Ontario and the drive back will include a visit to them. They said all four spent quite a few dollars in Rockford while visiting and people especially noticed the distinctive Maine accent (what accent?) and asked where Chet and Shirley were from. Pictured are Carol Vos and Richard Reed and Shirley and Chet. Notice Rockford Brewing conveniently in the background. Caitlin and Nate Eyestone were just getting back on their double bike when they stopped to answer the question about Rockford. They both said they love it. The Grand Rapids couple rides up often during the summer, and particularly like coming in on farm market days so they can grab a picnic lunch and eat before continuing on their ride up to the end of the paved portion of the White Pine Trail. They said they often bike the entire paved portion of the Trail—a good fifty miles—but more often only ride as far as Rockford and stop to visit. They said both the Trail and Rockford are beautiful and a favorite of theirs. Nine and a half-year-old Sydney Kremer said, “I think it is a wonderful town.” She was not shy to speak right up when the question about Rockford was posed to both her and her grandmother, Loretta Pearson. Kremer, from Grand Rapids, was enjoying a treat outside Dam Dogs, which was a very popular destination on a hot Friday before the Fourth of July Saturday. “I like the shops and I think it is a good place to live,” she elaborated. Loretta pointed out that Sydney was just asking why she would ever want […]

What do you like to do to celebrate Memorial Day weekend?

May 28, 2015 // 0 Comments

Three kind young people and two friendly dogs were open to sharing with our readers what they planned for this past Memorial Day weekend. Skylar Red Bow, 17, Brooke Smoes, 17, and Trevor Garlock, 15, all of Rockford, were enjoying downtown Rockford, hanging out on a bench by the dam. Skylar and Brooke said they would both watch the band in the Memorial Day Parade. Seniors at Rockford High School, in past years they would have been playing in the band during the parade. Trevor said he would also watch the band, and his family goes up north to the cemetery where his grandfather, Forrest Rawlings, is buried. Forrest was a veteran in the Navy. With them were Louie, a lab, pit bull and springer spaniel mix and Angel, a chow chow and Alaskan husky mix.   Sarah DeHaan was walking across the dam when she agreed to our Man on the Street interview and photo. She is pictured with Andrew, age three and a half and Benjamin, 17 months. Sarah said she and her family celebrate their wedding anniversary June 1. They will go out for a nice meal and take a walk. From Grand Rapids, Sarah said she visits Rockford often and loves how beautiful it is here. She said the family loves the renovation of the west side of the dam where Recognition Plaza and beautiful landscaping makes such a remarkable backdrop. The family also loves to walk on the nature board walk and stopping to look at “turtle log.” Once they counted 40 turtles sunning themselves on the log.   A family luncheon including sisters and cousins was taking place at one of the downtown picnic tables. Olivia Shupe, age 12 along with mom Holly Shupe were with Della Clark, 7, and mom Brandi. We aren’t sure how this family will be able to accomplish all they had planned for the holiday weekend. Heading up north to a family property on a lake the girls said they will be doing the following: camping, camping, camping and camping; swimming; tubing; going on boat rides; riding on jet skis; jumping off the water trampoline; jumping off the dock and finally, fishing (for fish). Wow! Jessica (mom) and Connor Downey, age 5, of Rockford, […]

What are your New Year’s Eve traditions?

December 31, 2009 // 0 Comments

by ANA OLVERA “For New Year’s Eve I just hang out with friends and family now, but when I was in high school I would watch whichever Lord of the Rings movie was out, decorate my room, dress up drinking fake wine, and watch the ball drop on tv.” —Amanda Turner Rockford         “My only tradition is that at midnight my family calls each other to wish everyone a good year. But my favorite New Year’s Eve is from my junior year in college when I stayed with a friend’s family. We played games and talked with their visitor from Kenya. It was really fun.” —Sarah Reamon owner of Epic Coffee House, Rockford     “Every New Year’s Eve our old church would rent the local YMCA and have a family night. It allowed us to spend time with not only our family, but other families as well. During the day we visit friends and family and watch a lot of football.” —Anita and Eric Erber Rockford NOTE: Anita and Eric just moved to Rockford last month from Trenton. “It’s a great and gorgeous place. We’re not used to as much snow as there is here, but we like it,” they said. “When I was younger I’d go out with friends to restaurants and drink champagne. Now we just have a family dinner with prime rib, mashed potatoes, and veggies. For me, that’s how I know New Year’s is here. When you were younger, New Year’s was exciting; as you get older you don’t want it to come as soon. It’s also more about family rather than going out with friends.” —Kelly Gibson Pierson    

How are you protecting yourself and your family from getting sick?

November 5, 2009 // 0 Comments

“My family plans to get the flu shot and we’re more conscious about washing our hands. It’s terrifying in school. I imagine every high school student is going to get sick this season. It seems inevitable; we touch the same things.” —Shelby Denhof, Rockford     “I’m washing my hands, not shaking hands as often, staying out of crowds, and wiping shopping carts down. I use hand wipes whenever they’re provided, like at Meijer. I’m also planning on getting the H1N1 vaccine.” —Kendra Davis, Livonia     “I’m taking vitamins, doing lots of hand-washing, and praying. I’ve always been conscious about shopping carts. I carry a spray bottle of sanitizer… I’m not getting the H1N1 vaccine. I don’t want to put any chemicals in my body.” —Kelly Roesner and son Kenny, 10, Rockford     “My wife washes her hands all the time and I’m keeping a close watch on my son. The H1N1 flu is being over-hyped. With my wife being a doctor, I have a different perspective. I’m less likely to freak out. I’m not getting the vaccine, but my wife had to.” —Eric Lofgren and son Clifford, 1, Rockford “I’m doing lots of handwashing, getting fresh air, and using hand sanitizer. I always wipe shopping carts down. I’m not getting the H1N1 vaccine. It’ll pass. It’s being hyped by the media. They’re trying to make everyone aware, but it’s going overboard. I’d rather have those who are unhealthy and children get the vaccine. I’m healthy.” —Jennifer Meachum, Grand Rapids by ANA OLVERA, Rockford Squire intern

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