March 25 2010

Applications now available for Garden Club 2010 Scholarship

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The Rockford Garden Club 2010 Scholarship is available to high school seniors planning to study horticulture, landscape architecture, environmental sciences or related fields. It is a $500 scholarship that will be awarded to a student attending college in the fall of 2010. Applications are available at the Rockford High School guidance office or by contacting Shelley Plambeck, scholarship chairman, at (616) 874-3196. Deadline is March 31, 2010.

PARCC Side Clean Water Plant wins top state honors

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North Kent plant chosen as Michigan’s best new project A new West Michigan wastewater treatment facility was recognized recently for its superior engineering. The North Kent Sewer Authority’s PARCC Side Clean Water Plant, located along the Grand River just north of Grand Rapids, received the 2010 Engineering Eminent Conceptor Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Michigan. This is the highest honor ACEC gives to an engineering project. The 48 million dollar project treats wastewater from Plainfield, Alpine, Cannon and Courtland townships and the City of Rockford. The plant currently processes approximately four million gallons of wastewater each day with a state-of-the-art membrane bioreactor treatment system. This new system produces effluent (treated water) of a far greater quality than any plant in the Grand Rapids area, reducing the amount of nutrients discharged into the Grand River by over 100 tons per year! The North Kent Sewer Authority (NKSA) and Prein&Newhof (P&N) worked hard to make the plant a green addition to the community: • Energy Recovery—The heat produced by the blower room heats the machine building. The waste material removed from the wastewater is sent to a landfill, where it helps decompose the landfill waste faster, producing methane used for power generation. • Low Energy Use—Fine bubble diffusers maximize oxygen transfer in the aeration tanks, reducing air and energy needs. Pumping and blower units have energy-efficient features such as premium duty motors, soft starts, and variable frequency drives. • Minimal Chemical Use—Chemicals are flow-paced to match system needs, reducing use and maximizing operational efficiency. • Water Re-Use—Processed plant water is used to cool and wash the plant equipment. • Wetlands—The project disturbed two acres of wetland, so four replacement acres were created. • Threatened Species Revival—Beak grass, the threatened species found on site, was moved to a different location, where it is now thriving. In addition to the membrane bioreactor, the plant uses an ultraviolet system to disinfect the effluent before releasing it to the river; a green biofilter air treatment system to remove odors from plant air; and inclined screw presses to dewater the biosolids before they are sent to a landfill. Each of these technologies is on the cutting edge, and allows the plant to be very space and energy […]

Birthday — March 27—April 2, 2010

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27th Marv Bunn, Dorothy Czerney, Lars Nelson, Scott Oostdyk, Mike Quinn, John Thorington 28th Ross Des Noyers, Sarah Kogelschatz, Kelsey Lewis, Dottie Robinson 29th Maria Chipman, Sue Coleman, Chris Cross, Joey Deacon, Robert Eddy 29th Lillian Irish, Sharon Meyers 30th Gary Fowle, Ruth Johnson 31st G. TenHave-Chapman APRIL 1st Amy Douthett, Katelyn Kruer, Jennifer Rich 2nd Mary Lou Mawby, Audlane Pedley

Main Street by Roger Allen, publisher — March 25, 2010

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This is not funny Don’t skim down for the joke. There isn’t any. But I do have a story to tell. I’m an old guy and my kidneys have failed. Used to be, I’d die pretty quickly from that. But kidney dialysis can allow me to live a fairly normal life. Millions of people the world around are on kidney dialysis. I started peritoneal dialysis in January after getting a catheter installed in my abdomen at St. Mary’s Hospital. With help from Audrey at Renal Advantage Inc. (RAI) in Rockford, I learned to do my own dialysis and began to feel better. Yay! Being old enough for Medicare, I opted for a private umbrella insurance company instead of the usual two-tier Medicare with Medigap arrangement. Medicare (“the public option”) hasn’t failed me. But the private enterprise, for-profit company, has failed me big time. Its name is Humana. Boo! On March 1, I got a letter from Humana, CANCELLING MY HEALTH INSURANCE RETROACTIVE TO JANUARY 1. Can they DO that? I sure would like to know the answer to that question. Meanwhile, Humana’s form-letter reply to my startled inquiry said they’d get back to me in 30 days. So I haven’t been covered since January 1. The hospital and surgeon’s bill for my catheter? Humana wants no part of it. My services at RAI? Humana wants no part of it. My four-times-a-day dialysis supplies? Humana wants no part of it. I have what’s called ESRD, or End Stage Renal Disease. Humana apparently wants no part of ESRD. A national health insurance bill passed Congress on Sunday night. It’s an imperfect bill, but it’s something that we, as a nation, can work to improve in the future. It begins (but only begins) to pull some power away from the health insurance industry. I’m currently a victim of that power. Meanwhile, I’ve seen Humana’s glossy advertising that comes in the mail to friends. And Humana’s TV ads are sooo seductive. My kidneys and I wholeheartedly agree with Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who said the other day that it’s critical that WE get the power to limit “the predatory role of private insurers who make money NOT providing health care.”

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