May 10 2012

Barbecuing with charcoal

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by PETE KRUER Rockford Ace Hardware Last time, we looked at the history and the different styles of BBQ,so our next step is to delve into the original BBQ technique: wood (charcoal). There are two types of charcoal: lump and briquette. Lump charcoal has been made for thousands of years and is consider the purest form. Briquette charcoal is basically sawdust bound by starch and other binders. Henry Ford did not invent briquette charcoal, but he put it on the map as the most popular charcoal used by American consumers. That’s right, Henry Ford of Detroit! You wonder why would Henry Ford be involved in charcoal production? Well most automobiles used a lot of wood in their bodies up to the early ‘30s. Ford was camping in northern Michigan and was telling Thomas Edison he had all this sawdust in his Kingsford, Michigan sawmill. So, Ford got the idea of making charcoal briquettes and marketing for barbequing. That’s right: Kingsford charcoal! Kingsford is not in Kingsford, Mich. or owned by Ford anymore, but it is one of the top selling briquette charcoal in the U.S. Briquette charcoal burning temperature is around 810 degrees Fahrenheit, while lump charcoal burning temp is up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Briquette charcoal burns longer, but lump is easier to control temperature and does not have any additives. In starting your charcoal, you have many options, such as a chimney, charcoal lighter fluid and alcohol jell. The preferred methods are charcoal chimney (newspaper) or jelled alcohol, and both are odorless. The flavor comes from the juices of the food dripping on the coals and vaporizing, and also from any flavor wood you add for smoke. There are many type of grills that use charcoal, from kettle or box to kamado style. You can smoke with all styles, but box and kamado are the most popular for that cooking technique. Most smoking purists use the box style, but the kamado does a wonderful job. Floyd Havemeier at Herman’s Boy has done a great job with the Green Egg, and I also have had success with my Kamado Joe in smoking food. Cooking with charcoal is much easier if you have a thermometer in the cover of your grill. That way you know […]

Time to pull garlic mustard

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Those who love our beautiful native wildflowers and the creatures who live among them can help keep them healthy into the future. Garlic mustard, an invasive species that chokes out local flora, is easy to identify now with its white flowers. Many nature groups in the area are holding events centered around ridding an area of this year’s blooming garlic mustard, but anyone out on the trails can help. Pictured are Lance, Drew and Dana Bultman, who helped pull garlic mustard at Luton Park on Sunday, April 29. Georgia Donovan, president of the local Isaak Walton League, met with members of the Michigan Mountain Bike Association, who maintain the park. She showed them how to identify the plant and to bag them up before they go to seed. To view good pictures of garlic mustard, visit

Rockford doc tackles health care crisis in new book

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Dr. Steven A Mikulak wrote: “Who’s responsible for our health care crisis: government, pharmaceutical companies, the health care industry, or the food industry? Although each of these has a hand in perpetuating the problem, none are the true cause. The real blame lies in the individual’s poor choices and lifestyle, mostly in the areas of food, exercise and stress. This leads to health-related issues in the news daily, such as cancer, depression, gallbladder disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and more.” In his new book, “The Healthy Life Project,” Dr. Steven A. Mikulak explains how Americans have gotten themselves into this crisis state, and better yet shows exactly how to get out of it. Dr. Mikulak believes the real answer does not rely on the curing of disease, but in the prevention of disease through a healthy lifestyle. “The Healthy Life Project” addresses today’s dietary pitfalls and nutritional needs, easy ways to keep moving through life with less pain, and five simple steps to follow which will make it all happen. “Encountering pain in life is inevitable; suffering, however, is optional,” said Dr. Mikulak. Steven A. Mikulak, DC, CCSP is owner and clinical director of Healthy Life Pain & Performance Solutions in Rockford. “Dr. Mik” is a graduate of Rockford High School, studied kinesiology and exercise science at Michigan State University, has a doctorate of chiropractic from Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa, and is a certified chiropractic sports physician. He was driven to write this book to address the most common questions he gets from his patients: “Why do I hurt; how did I get this way; how can I prevent it from happening again?” His back-to-basics approach to taking responsibility for one’s own health involves helping the body heal itself as it was naturally designed to do. For more information, visit Dr. Mikulak’s website at


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HELP WANTED Household help needed Monday through Friday evenings, 2 hours each day. Call (616) 866-2428.       p19 ______________________ Customer Service Representative (part-time)—Weingartz is looking for a part-time Customer Service Representative in our Cedar Springs location. Responsibilities include assisting customers with finding the proper parts for various outdoor power equipment, writing service orders and following up with customers. Must be very friendly, patient and have some familiarity with small engine and power equipment components. Computer skills are a plus. Position could be seasonal or year-round with more hours available in the spring and summer. EOE. Please apply in person at 11875 Northland Dr., Cedar Springs, MI 49319. (616) 696-2913.       b19 ______________________ Service/Set-Up (part-time)—Weingartz is looking for a part-time Service Technician in our Cedar Springs location. Responsibilities include maintenance, prep and light repair of various outdoor power equipment and various shop maintenance duties. Position could be seasonal or year-round with more hours available in the spring and summer. EOE. Please apply in person at 11875 Northland Dr., Cedar Springs, MI 49319. (616) 696-2913.       b19 ______________________ NOTICES To the person who dropped off a bag of bras to a home near the Michigan State Police post: It went to the wrong address; owners there are baffled. If anyone can solve this mystery, call the Squire at (616) 866-4465, ask for Beth.       f18 ______________________ FOR SALE Wood working tools—Jet 15″ planner, 15″ band saw router,  shaper combo dove tail jig, rough lumber, generic 6,500 generator, 82″ Rowe queen sleeper couch. Must sell, moving, (616) 299-4182.       p19 ______________________ John Deere 2001 riding lawnmower. Model 335, hydraulic lift, cruise control, power steering, tilt steering wheel, new belt, 54″ cut. 550 hours on machine. $2,500 o.b.o. Cash only. Call (616) 520-1609.       p19 ______________________ Farm fresh eggs. $2 a dozen, free-range hens, multi-colored eggs. (920) 222-3534. Local farm in Rockford.       p20 ______________________ WANTED TO BUY Buying Cars!—Bel air Auto Service is looking to buy running or non-running vehicles for repairable projects or parts. Please call us for a chance to buy your unwanted cars and trucks, (616) 647-8699.       p20 ______________________ GARAGE SALES Unique Garage Sale—art supplies, original paintings and prints by Rockford artist, outdoor tables, chairs and umbrellas, folding massage table, shelving and cabinets, assorted pieces of furniture, candelabras, cook and other books. […]

Cannonsburg presents Crandle as Example in Excellence

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Natural-born leader is a gem at Cannonsburg Elementary Lauren Crandle is the daughter of Chris and Darren and sister to Evan, 12, Hannah, 7, and Emma, 5. Lauren is known among her teachers and classmates as helpful, compassionate and responsible. She is described as responsible and mature beyond her age. Always willing to help, Lauren is eager to do what is asked of her and always goes above and beyond the request. Lauren has been a member of Student Council and was vice president in fourth grade and president currently. An energetic achiever, Lauren is involved with the Ragazze girls club where she works with other girls on how to make good choices, physically and emotionally. She is a talented mentor who is described as an “awesome” RAM Buddy. Lauren’s teachers describe her as “wise beyond her years” and a student who demonstrates poise and confidence. “She never fails to give her personal best while working independently and with others.” This “natural-born leader” is a gem at Cannonsburg Elementary,” staff there report. Her teachers love working with her and say she will always have a special place in their memory. They cannot wait to see what great things she will accomplish in her life. Kindhearted, friendly and quick to put others before herself, Lauren is motivated by her love of Jesus and desire to serve Him. Talented in many ways, Lauren created the winning bookmark in the Grand Rapids Public Library contest. She took all the initiative in that project on herself, an example of her enthusiasm and energy. An excellent student, Lauren is a regular on the Honor Roll. Among Lauren’s hobbies are participating in soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, kayaking and dance (hip hop and ballet). She also loves art, crafts, reading and playing the piano. She is a member of the FLIPS at Blythefield Hills Baptist Church where she incorporates dance into worship. She is in Nature Club and Brownies. Leaving a legacy of fond memories and a belief in her bright future and continued good works, Lauren is recognized by both her teachers and her fellow students as an Example in Excellence at Cannonsburg Elementary School.

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