Rockford resident takes Squire to Dominican Village

Rockford resident Julie Townsend shared this photograph of her recent trip to the Dominican Republic. Wolverine Worldwide (Townsend's employer) has adopted a village there, which is where Townsend was installing water filters. Wolverine works with the team from the Good Samaritan Hospital in La Roman, Dominican Republic.

MAIN STREET by Roger Allen, publisher

Truth The side with the most arrows and the best horses wins the war. Nope, wrong century. New truth: The side with the most guns wins the war. Better truth: being smart about resolving conflict can avoid the gun solution. The gun solution seems to feed on itself and, more often than not, leads to […]

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon

Doing business in Michigan Our Michigan State Senator Mark Jansen came to town last week to meet with concerned Rockford residents and business owners over a topic of concern. That topic was fairness in our sales tax system. I know that seldom are the words “fairness” and “tax” used in the same sentence, but it […]

BIRTHDAYS — May 12–18, 2012

12 Paul Des Noyers, Ralph R. Smith, Bill Troy 13 Harold Martinson, Michael Richard, Tyler TenBrink, Esther Waller 14 David Dingman, Connie Potter, Lynda Ringelberg, Rose Sickrey 15 Steve Douthett, Kurt Hazlewood, Cyndy Len, Linda Richard, Darlene Thorington 16 Kristi Anderson, Marjorie Brooks, Patte Carter Hevia, Terry Guinnup 17 Evelyn Hoekwater, Roger Stotz, Joyce Wagner 18 Mary Jane Kohls, Randy Sivins

OBITUARIES — Nella J. Holbrook


Holbrook Nella J. Holbrook, age 90, of Rockford went home to be with her Lord and Savior on Wednesday, May 2, 2012. She was born in Fremont, Mich., the daughter of Paul and Maggie Jordan. After high school she met and married Richard Holbrook. She worked at Rockford Bowling Lanes for many years. Nella was […]