May 12 2011


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SCHOOL BEAT Transportation changes on horizon by JACQUIE FASE Director of Transportation Rockford Public Schools Winston Churchill once said, “There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction,” and as a transportation department we are keen on good directions. As you’ve read, Governor Synder and the state of Michigan are significantly limiting educational budgets for the year of 2011-2012. Because of these budget cuts, the transportation department is also formulating ways to save funds despite the increasing fuel prices and student population. While many school districts are considering shutting down school bus transportation for the general student population, we have done extensive brainstorming and multi-cultural research on other various ways to get students to school. Some ideas include utilizing sled dogs, gondolas, rickshaws, camel caravans, and, of course, moon boots. Unfortunately, the infrastructure required of these projects, as well as the general safety and efficiency of these ideas, has placed such modes of transportation on the back burner and we’ve decided to stick with traditional yellow school busses for now. Changes in transportation require flexibility and understanding in order to service all students effectively. For example, next year Rockford will have an Early Childhood Center where all the developmental kindergarten classes and ECSE students will be at Meadowridge Elementary School, requiring additional transportation services. This program is a positive addition to Rockford education, but will also impact how transportation is run for all other grade levels. As a Rockford community, it is essential for everyone to be flexible and understanding, so that we can provide students with the best education and a safe ride to school during hard economic times. As we break for summer, please submit any daycare or address change information to your school’s office as soon as possible, so that we may better prepare for next year. More bussing information will be sent in August. If you have any questions regarding your child’s transportation, please call the bus garage at (616) 863-6328.  

Quinn wins multiple scholarships

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Alex Quinn, a senior at Rockford High School, has won over $150,000 in merit scholarships to the University of Michigan. This includes the Chick Evans scholarship, the Grand Rapids Alumni Association of the University of Michigan scholarship, KFC Colonel’s Scholarship, University of Michigan Regents Scholarship, and the University of Michigan Literature, Science and the Arts (LSA) merit scholarship. The Chick Evans scholarship covers the full cost of tuition and housing, over $80,000. Evans scholars are golf caddies who were selected based on four criteria: a strong caddie record, excellent academics, financial need and outstanding character. The $40,000 LSA scholarship is based on academic talent and motivation, personal achievement, extracurricular activities, state and/or national awards, community service, leadership qualities, and academic potential. Essays and counselor and teacher recommendations are also significant factors in the review process. Top high school seniors are selected to receive the $1,500 Regents Merit Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement, scholarly promise and potential contribution to the University of Michigan community. The $20,000 KFC Colonel’s scholars are selected for entrepreneurial drive, strong perseverance, financial need and commitment to both their education and enriching their communities. The $14,000 Grand Rapids U of M Alumni Club scholarship is part of the largest scholarship program of its type sponsored by an alumni club for any university in the United States. In addition to meeting academic qualifications, students must demonstrate financial need and outstanding citizenship.  


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American Legion thanks Squire Dear Editor, The Rockford American Legion Post is a 92 year-old organization committed to serving Veterans, their families and the community. During that period of time we’ve learned that no matter how hard we try, we can’t do it alone; we depend upon other members of the community for assistance. Now and then someone in the community sticks their head up and does something extraordinary and we call them our hero. You are such a hero. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the April 7 article regarding our mobile food pantry. Full color and well placed, as you’ve done so many times before. We don’t offer the students who come to help us at our mobile pantries, much other than an opportunity to work up a sweat, that’s the big reason I am so thankful for the full color picture you ran. These kids have such a great influence on our pantries. Their enthusiasm and willingness to do what is asked of them influences everyone. With your help, other business and organizations have been encouraged to offer the assistance the Post needs to continue its mission. We sincerely appreciate all that you do to make such assistance possible. Thank you, for all you do for Merritt Lamb Post.   Clyde A Sinclair, Commander American Legion Merritt Lamb Post 102, Rockford  


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Garbage in, garbage out by CRAIG JAMES Okay… back to the subject of why I am skeptical of the idea of dangerous global warming. I have shown you in an article a couple of weeks ago how just the addition of CO2 into the atmosphere will not produce significant warming. The significant warming scenario comes only from computer models. These models are tuned to bad data, make false assumptions and when tested have proven to be wrong. I’ve written several times about why I believe there are problems with the surface-based temperature data and why I believe the satellite observations are better. We don’t have the data available for the month of April yet but for March, the global temperatures were 0.10°C below average based on the satellite observations but 0.57°C above average in the surface observations. Since the computer models are fine-tuned using what I think is erroneous surface temperature information, it is no wonder their forecasts show too much warming in the future. More importantly, the computer models are constructed using false assumptions about the atmosphere. Current manmade global-warming theory asserts that our climate is dominated by positive feedback. The IPCC postulates that a small increase in temperature from CO2 is multiplied two, three, four times or more by positive feedbacks. An example of positive feedback would be the following: If the global temperature warmed and the warming caused clouds to evaporate, this would allow more sunshine, which would allow temperatures to warm even further. Clouds are always treated as a positive feedback in the computer models, but even the National Science Foundation has stated we don’t know for sure whether cloud feedbacks are positive or negative. We don’t currently know if they ultimately warm or cool the earth. Positive feedback from water vapor seems to play an even bigger role than clouds in the computer models producing large amounts of warming. The theory is that in a warmer world, there would be more evaporation, thereby producing more water vapor in the air. Studies show that the increased water vapor in the air would double the warming from what it would be if the water vapor did not increase. Has the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere increased? Not according to NOAA’s […]

Newly appointed Huizenga ‘asset’ to Glenn Morris & Associates

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Glenn Morris & Associates has recently announced the appointment of Jami Huizenga in personal and commercial lines customer service and claims management. “Jami is an asset to our agency and provides excellent service to our clients,” said Glenn Morris, president of Glenn Morris & Associates. “She also adds vast experience to the agency.” Before joining Glenn Morris & Associates, Huizenga worked for Wells Fargo Insurance Services. Her extensive background includes management, claims, customer service, accounting, and designation as a Certified Customer Service Insurance Representative (CISR). Huizenga’s insurance career began with the former Rockford based insurance agency, Morris, Schnoor & Gremel. Huizenga resides with her husband and two sons in Rockford.  

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