May 17 2012

Rhythm Dance Center announces open auditions for the 2012-13 competitive dance season

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Rhythm Dance Center (RDC), located in Belmont Michigan, is holding open auditions for the upcoming competitive dance season on Saturday, May 19. This is the first time since opening over six years ago that RDC is inviting experienced dancers from outside the studio to audition for a roster spot. “This is an open invitation to dancers in our surrounding area that are looking to join an education-based dance company,” commented owner, Jen Hanes. “We already have a successful team structure and a core of exceptional talent which we’ve developed with an invitation-only approach. Now, we’ve reached a point in our growth trajectory where we’d love to open our doors, and arms, to welcome motivated dancers into the unique atmosphere we offer at Rhythm.” What sets RDC apart from other dance studios is the focus on education with a foundational emphasis on strong dance technique. This is very carefully balanced with creative choreography – a philosophy that has been noticed by several judges during the current competition season. “Judges have provided written feedback, applauding our dancers for being very well-rounded and executing skills across a variety of dance styles,” Hanes said. “We are absolutely committed to providing performance and stage time to our competitive team dancers but we are also dedicated to developing skills that will carry them further – to the collegiate level and beyond. Our environment is carefully crafted to instill positive self-esteem and develop internal strength during these crucial, formative years in a dancer’s young life.” Hanes knows of which she speaks, having spent the last 26 years of her life pursuing dance. She has a BA Degree in Dance from Western Michigan University and performed professionally with various dance companies in Chicago for more than seven years.  She has been instructing for 16 years. Dancers wishing to audition simply need to visit the studio, located at 2350 Belmont Center Drive, Suite 500, and complete an application by Wednesday, May 16. The audition schedule will be posted and there is no need to prepare ahead of time.  Dancers will be taught combinations and will then execute in small groups for a panel of judges.  Additional information is available by calling the studio at 365-9970. RDC is committed to excellence in offering contemporary dance styles […]

Weird weather brings bumper, early morel crop

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Usually May is Morel Month in Michigan, but the early spring weather apparently caused the mushrooms to pop up sooner and perhaps disappear before their typical season would even be well underway. Squire Editor Beth Altena had a great time hunting mushrooms last week and found so many it was hard not to step on them. In a usual season, the first week of May is a little early for any serious foraging. This year, May 3 saw many morels in the secret hunting grounds already spoiled. Fortunately, however, there were plenty of others to make up for the overgrown toppled morels. In the woods at the Altena family home, a few mushrooms are usually popping up about this time of year, but a great big six-inch one was already suffering from slug damage and toppling when it was spotted. Other mushroom-hunting readers may be enjoying this strange season, and the Squire would love the chance to share pictures and stories with our readers. E-mail them to

Poppy Day helps support local veterans

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Poppy Day is here again. For over 70 years, the American Legion Auxiliary has sponsored Poppy Day to remind America that millions have sacrificed their lives and health to keep our nation strong and free. If you see a “poppy lady,” please remember our heroes, the veterans, past and present, by contributing and receive your red poppy. Over 900,000 poppies were distributed last year with monies for our veterans. Veteran Richard Jones, at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, makes $60 for every thousand he assembles. He can make 500 poppies in four hours. Richard was able to purchase a computer with monies he earned. When asked how he likes it here, Richard replied, “If I wasn’t here I would be on the streets.” Richard has resided at the home for three years. The American Legion Auxiliary Post #102 has done a lot with the proceeds to help the veterans, having them attend some of the Post parties like Halloween, Christmas, or for special entertainment. The “Spring Fling” held at the veterans home by the auxiliary provides music, refreshments and dancing for those who are able and also those in wheelchair for a “fling” on the dance floor. On behalf of America’s veterans, thank you for caring.

Local boy donates for Locks of Love

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Family friend with cancer inspired idea The Rockford Squire has shared the news of many generous and caring girls who have donated hair to Locks of Love for those who have lost their hair due to medical treatment. Eric Carey, 12, is the groundbreaking first young man to send the Squire his story of donating. Eric donated two eight-inch ponytails to the charity just before spring break. Great Clips, 5150 Northland Drive cut his hair. Eric is no stranger to working to help others. The North Rockford Middle School sixth-grade student is in the Community Services Magnet with teachers Pamela Hodges and Jonathan Bates. He also plays soccer in the Ole Soccer Club in Wyoming, Mich. Eric is the son of Scott Carey and Carol Wagen. His mom said he started growing his hair in fifth grade when he was a student at Roguewood Elementary School. He let it grow mainly because he disliked haircuts. When it started getting long, he decided to let it keep growing to donate to Locks of Love. “Last year a close friend of the family was diagnosed with brain cancer,” reported Carol. Eric said the experience of having someone he knew greatly affected his decision to grow his hair out. “I know he probably won’t get my hair, but it still felt good to donate with him in mind,” Eric stated. “I’m just glad to help in any way I can. I’m glad I started when I did so it’s ready now.” Carol said Eric is a great role model for his brother Lucas, 7, and sister Grace, 6. “He’s always been a supportive, caring big brother.”

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