May 17 2012

Scouts test talent in Pinewood Derby

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    Cub Scout Pack 3264 had its annual Pinewood Derby race on Saturday, March 17 at Our Lady of Consolation Church. Jacob Hopkins, a Tiger Scout, was the winner of the fastest Car in the pack with a total time of 9.792 seconds for four heats. Second place for fastest car in the pack was Aiden Trimble, a Bear Scout, with a time of 9.793. Pictured is Jacob with his trophy.

Letters to the Editor

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Scouts save Squire editor work, write up their own story Dear Editor, Yesterday we had a fun time visiting The Rockford Squire. It was very interesting. I loved how they kept newspapers from the past years. We looked up what was happening in Rockford the week we were born. The nice people we met who work there were Beth Altena, Cliff Hill, Nancy Hill and Mary Felix. We learned that The Rockford Squire is the oldest running business in Rockford. Ms. Altena has been in charge of the newspaper for 15 years. The first newspaper was published on February 8, 1871. We also learned that the newspaper feels different than writing paper because it is made up of different things and recycled materials. Mondays and Tuesdays are busy days because they have to get the stories finished by Tuesday night. That’s when they “put the paper to bed”—that’s what they call it when the paper is done. They send the newspaper in a file through the computer to the publishers and that’s when the press runs overnight. The Rockford Squire is delivered first thing in the morning on Wednesday. It was really fun to meet everyone and learn about the newspaper business and The Rockford Squire. You should arrange to stop by yourself.  Joshua and Christopher Petzer

The Greenhouse Effect

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by DAN VOS Vos Energy Concepts Back in college (early ‘80s), one of my writing projects was to research and report on what was then called the “greenhouse effect.” This term changed to “global warming” and is now called “climate change.” They all refer to the same thing, yet I like the original term because it explains why we are warming. Weather (I know this is the wrong spelling, but I could not resist) this is caused by us or is a natural occurrence is not scientifically provable either way, so you will believe what you want no matter what I say. I only want to describe to you the process in basic terms so you can see how the Earth retains heat so life can live. OK, let’s say it is a hot summer day and you parked the car in the sun, left the windows up and were gone for an hour. It is hot in there, right? In fact, it is against the law to leave kids or pets in the car under those conditions. Well this is a perfect example of the greenhouse effect. The full spectrum energy from the sun hits the car interior through the windows and continually warms it up. This heat is released to the air in the car and tries to get back out those same windows. The key here is that a greater percentage of this interior heat is reflected back into the car. This raises the temperature of the car’s interior. The sun’s energy has a different wavelength ( much shorter and intense) than the heat reflected from the car’s interior (longer and more relaxed wave), and the glass lets more of the sun’s energy through while reflecting more of the heat from the interior. This same thing is happening to our Earth. The atmosphere acts as the car window and, if the make-up of the atmosphere changes, then the Earth’s average temperature changes.  This is why we are so concerned about carbon dioxide. It is a greenhouse gas; one which increases our average temperature. It is certainly not the worst greenhouse gas, but because we produce so much of it on an ever- increasing basis, it could very well be a major reason […]


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The Rockford Leo Club by LION MIKE WESTGATE Assistant Principal Rockford Freshman Center Lions Clubs International is the world’s premier community service organization, with over 1.3 million members around the world dedicated to helping people in need. Leo clubs are part of the Lions international network with over 5,500 Leo clubs in more than 130 nations. The Rockford Lions Club is proud to sponsor our new Leo club. On February 29, 2012, over 100 students from North and East Rockford middle schools, the Rockford Freshman Center and high school were officially inducted at a ceremony in the Rockford High School auditorium. It was an impressive ceremony with esteemed speakers including Dr. Mike Shibler, superintendent of Rockford Public Schools, Lion Rock Wood, the vice district governor, Lion Ken Frary, the district governor, and Lion Dr. Gary Anderson, the Lions Club International director. It is the largest Leo club ever chartered in the state of Michigan. The Rockford Leo club will be a service-minded organization that will provide assistance to the Rockford schools and community and give its members a global identity. The Leo club motto, “Leadership, Experience, Opportunity,” says it all. Leos develop skills as project organizers, time managers and team leaders. They discover how teamwork and cooperation can bring exciting changes to the community. And most importantly, Leos make friends and feel the rewards of community service. Several Rockford Public Schools administrators are Lions and serve as advisors and mentors to the Leo club students in their buildings. The Leos have already been involved with many positive service projects such as: •            planted over 200 trees on school grounds; •            volunteered with seniors at Bishop Hills Elder Care; •            donations/toy drive for Toys for Tots; •            raised funds for Thirsting to Serve and Kids Food Basket; •            volunteered in third-grade classrooms at Meadow Ridge; •            cleaning up Rockford’s oldest cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery. Future community projects include working at the Start of Summer Celebration, the Farmer’s Market and helping to reclaim the old Rum Creek Mill Pond skating rink. If you or your teenager are interested in getting involved in an outstanding organization, please contact your building assistant principal.

Students learn, help peers by volunteering their time

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Rockford Community Federal Credit Union (RCFCU) just finished their ninth year of facilitating student-run credit unions in the Rockford area schools. RCFCU would like to say thank you to all the volunteer Student Run Credit Union employees in the 2011-2012 school year. The 65 student employees helped their peers save $5,300 by processing over 700 transactions! Belmont Elementary, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Our Lady of Consolation schools participated this year. RCFCU enjoys partnering with the local schools to help students be more dedicated to financial literacy. “I enjoy helping students understand more about the importance of saving and budgeting their money. They don’t always need to spend, spend, spend!” said Josh Fortuna, Student Run Credit Union facilitator. A program like the Student Run Credit Union allows students to be taught real life skills of financial banking in a safe and secure school environment.

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