May 27 2010

Becca Ryan receives Aquinas scholarship

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Becca Ryan was recently awarded the R. Paul Nelson full tuition scholarship offered by Aquinas College. Based on high school grade point average and ACT scores, Becca was invited to the Aquinas campus to participate in the Spectrum Scholarship competition along with roughly 250 other students. The testing consisted of multiple choice, team dynamics and essay components. Becca finished fourth overall. “I have had many positive experiences while meeting with future professors and admissions counselors,” Becca said. “The small size of the college creates a personable atmosphere that I want to be a part of. I know that the academics will challenge me and push me to become the best version of myself.” Becca currently keeps herself busy as an active member of the Our Lady of Consolation Peer Ministry team, participating in many charitable causes, including working at North Kent Service Center, God’s Kitchen North, and a mission trip to New Orleans. Her other hobbies are running/exercise, spending more time with family, and being goofy with friends. She is a member of the National Honor Society. She looks forward to life on the Aquinas campus, particularly meeting new people and finding her niche in the work force. She currently plans to work toward a degree in psychology. Becca’s proud parents are Mike and Patty Ryan of Rockford. Her siblings are Mike, Christopher and Jessica.

CARSTAR to make magic happen with largest North American car wash i

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Abracadabra! What can disappear under mountains of soap bubbles and reappear as support for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and kids with cystic fibrosis across North America? It isn’t hocus pocus—it’s the second annual CARSTAR Soaps It Up! car wash, North America’s largest car wash event, which last year set the Guinness World Record for “Most Cars Washed—Multiple Venues” by washing more than 4,000 vehicles in eight hours. Themed “Making Magic Happen—One Car at a Time,” the Soaps It Up! Car Wash will be held at CARSTAR of Rockford, 260 Northland Dr. on June 12 as a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, as well as Rockford varsity football team. Tickets are being sold by the Rockford varsity football team for $10, with 100 percent of the ticket purchase benefiting the selected charities. More than 140 CARSTAR stores throughout two countries are expected to participate in the event. “We want to help drivers across the United States and Canada get their cars ready for the summer driving season while giving back to the Rockford community where we are located,” said Dan Williams, president of CARSTAR of Rockford. “In continuing the tradition, our hope for this year’s event is to top last year’s record-setting effort, while having a fun day and feeling especially good about the contributions we’ll be making to others. From the momentum that’s building, it’s already beginning to feel like both of those goals are within our sights.” In order to make even tough-to-clean car parts look better, CARSTAR is partnering with 3M to offer a $3 rebate on either the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System or the 3M Lens Renewal Kit, products which make headlight lenses clearer and keep people safe on the road. CARSTAR also is partnering with Hertz, who is providing an offer of up to $15 off a weekend rental with every ticket purchase. “I’m grateful that CARSTAR is doing so much to bring hope, strength and joy to our courageous Wish kids,” said David Williams, president and CEO of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America. “The Soaps It Up! event does a great deal to raise funds, and also raises awareness for our life-affirming mission in so many communities.” CARSTAR stores in Canada have been conducting the “Soaps It Up!” […]

Students see government first hand

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V.I.P. Treatment Students from Sasha Woodard’s second-grade class at Roguewood Elementary School pose with officer Ian Graham at Rockford City Hall in the garage where police keep their vehicles. The kids were wrapping up a Thursday, May 13 tour of City Hall that included the City offices, fire department and police department. The students are part of the Spanish Immersion program at Roguewood and were soon to enjoy lunch at Cinco de Mayo before heading to the Rockford Historical Museum. Officer Graham showed the students where officers keep their street clothes while working, told them how dispatch works, and showed them the equipment that police use, even inviting them to climb right into his patrol car.

Class of 1960 to be inducted into Rockford High School’s Golden R Club

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Time flies and it has been 50 years since these fine young men and women graduated from Rockford High School. They are about to be inducted into the Golden R Club at the next RHS reunion. A few are missing, can you help find them? ROCKFORD CLASS OF 1960—(Row 1) Phillip Bonner, Mary Anne Whittall, Robert Matthews, Hildegard Labell, Charles Plambeck, Gracia Sutliffe, Gerald Wozniak, Carol Isler, Orvil Sullivan, Dave Hutchings, Sally Rabe, Ken Streeter, Caroline Dame, Kenneth Hoekstra; (Row 2) Leona Kroes, James Fowle, Suzanne Whittall, Duane Phillips, Elizabeth Hobart, Ronald VanderMeer, David Stiles, Linda Hoekstra, Louis Ferrand, Carole Holden, Larry Bird, Thelma Pates, Roger Nielsen, Judith Peterson; (Row 3) George Herrington, Carol Drullinger, Jacob Callen, Catherine VanderPan, Todd Fulbright, Bobbie Jo Ellens, Larry Hall, Frances Gedritis, Gerald Schapp, James Elenbaas, Mary Wood, Roger Lesley, Sally Nuyen, Gail Norman; (Row 4) Esther Myers, Clarence Fiekema, Carol Ploeg, Larry Bronsink, Donna Kleyenberg, James Hall, Michael Moyer, Sandra Vis, Herm Fiekema, Ruthanne Charles, Ric Pinder, Karen Krause, Tim DeRegnaucourt, Alice Veenstra; (Row 5) John VanderBrink, Georgia Hartwell, John Norton, Mary DeBruyn, Terry Greer, Mr. Fred Schultz (Advisor), Mr. Edwin J. Kleinert (Superintendent), Mr. Gerald Fox (Principal), Mr. Clinton Linhout (Advisor), Dave Crane, Leta Smith, Dave Dodgson, Patricia DeJager, Gerald Swanson; (Row 6) Michael Kerr, Beverly DeVries, Arlene Teesdale, John Kopp; (Row 7) Janice Boss, David Houseman, Karen Hoover, Clarine VanderPan, Peter Kuzimski, Jerry Finch, Anne Streeter, Harry Sherman, Gloria Dosenberry, William Blickley, Ruth Dines, Charles Gross, Joanne Waid, Ron Beckett; (Row 8) Ron Bagley, Nancy Tyrell, Albert Kozal, Allan Erhart, Sally Cavanaugh, Clayton Maulter, John Falarski, Steve Carlson, John Richards, Linda Langley, Lee Kitson, Dayle Hardie, Larry Elkins, Mary DeGraff; (Row 9) Barbara Giles, Thomas Sonke, Dorothy Garfield, Dawn Liefboer, Thomas Jackson, Mary Barthalamew, James Evans, Nancy Koster, John Campbell, Robert Pettit, Nancy King, William Hansen, Patricia Heath, Richard Livingston. Missing classmates are Jerry Swanson, Jacob Callen, Mary DeGraff, Barbara Guiles, Al Kozal, Roger Leslie, Ken Streeter, John VandenBrink, Clairne VanderPan, and Gerald Wozniak. Do you know where these people are? If so, please call Gloria Bronkema at (616) 874-6597.

Tree story continues at Kimberly’s Boutique

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When Lucille was a little seedling Little did she know That when she fully matured She’d have two children in tow. Their life began in a greenhouse Where they were nurtured and watered Lucille beamed with pride As she watched her son and daughter. One day a woman came And walked down all the aisles She chose Lucille and her children And in a truck they were piled. They found themselves in her studio And with clippers she began to form Their heads and arms and torsos They found themselves reborn! Lucille was proud of her new waist And to her great surprise Her children now could wave to her She couldn’t believe her eyes! Once again a truck arrived But to Lucille’s dismay, She was left behind And her children were taken away. Lucille was overcome with grief And solemnly made a vow To reunite with her children Someday, somehow. In a few days The same truck returned Lucille was lifted in Now would her fate be learned? She saw a sign reading “Rockford” Lucille was afraid to peek The truck stopped in front of a store Named Kimberly’s Boutique. Lucille was proudly potted And placed in front of the store She quickly realized Her task was to greet shoppers at the door. “What a lovely little town” Lucille felt so very proud She showed off her new hat and purse While waving to the crowd. Lucille turned her head And looked across and down the street A post office, a toy store Candy and sweets! Lucille let out a gasp As she saw the store filled with toys For there standing watch outside Were her darling girl and boy! She called, “My precious little cedars” As tears filled her eyes And when they finally saw her They began to cry. What a celebration It compares to no other When these little cedar sapiens Were united with their mother! If you wander to downtown Rockford The cedar sapiens you should greet Head to Aunt Candy’s and Kimberly’s Both on Courtland Street. You’ll be happy to know Lucille and her children are together You’ll discover them outside In any kind of weather. And even though you may say: You’re talking about a tree They are […]

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