May 3 2012

A Message for You

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God of Gentle Whispers by REV. ROBERT ECKERT Courtland-Oakfield United Methodist Church “…the Lord wasn’t in the wind… the Lord wasn’t in the earthquake… the Lord wasn’t in the fire… After the fire, there was a sound. Thin. Quiet,” from 1 Kings 19:11-12, Common English Version. Hebrew scripture tells the story of a prophet named Elijah, a man who zealously advocated on behalf of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob at a time in the history of ancient Israel when its king and queen, Ahab and Jezebel, zealously advocated on behalf of the idol-god Baal. More than different perspectives on the mysteries of life, this was a struggle for the hearts and minds of the people of Israel, a conflict of ideologies that turned violent with Ahab and Jezebel killing prophets of God and Elijah killing prophets of Baal. When Elijah feared that the next clash with the king and queen would be the one that would cost him his life, he ran into the desert to hide and eventually holed up in a cave on Mt. Horeb, described in the story as “God’s mountain.” While in the cave Elijah heard a voice that he identified as God asking, “Why are you here?” as in, “What the heck are you doing here?” Elijah reminded God of his passionate service on God’s behalf, then summarized the current status of the campaign: “They have torn down your altars, and they have murdered your prophets with the sword. I’m the only one left, and now they want to take my life too!” The voice told Elijah to go out of the cave and stand on the mountain, “The Lord is passing by.” Elijah must have felt that he’d gone from the frying pan into the fire. It wasn’t enough that Ahab and Jezebel wanted him dead, now he had to answer directly to God. He was frightened, ashamed, alone, and likely expecting the worst. And he got it—a strong wind blew that tore apart rocks—God must have really been angry, but wait, “the Lord wasn’t in the wind.” Then an earthquake and then a fire, but the Lord wasn’t in either of those. Finally after all the pyrotechnics, “a sound. Thin. Quiet.” Some translations say “a still, […]

Big Green Egg demos, tastings at Grillapalooza

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by BETH ALTENA “There is nothing else like them,” said Floyd Havemeier of Herman’s Boy about the Big Green Egg. Havemeier donated a Big Green Egg prize package worth at least $1,250 to help the Rockford Area Historical Society raise funds for a new museum slated for the building that formerly housed the Rockford court. A few tickets remain of the only 200 to be offered with a $25 tax deductible donation to the museum fund. Enjoy a day of demonstrations about just what can be done with one of these unique cooking devices during the annual Grillapalooza at Herman’s Boy, located at 220 Northland Drive. Grillapalooza takes place Saturday, May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) beginning at 10 a.m. with Havemeier’s grandson Michael demonstrating “Breakfast on the Grill” with a Cinco de Mayo theme. Havemeier said Grillapalooza will be a fun event with all sorts of grilling demonstrations and tasting. The day’s highlights will include tastings of items cooked with a new line of spices developed by his son Brian. The coffee-based flavorings have been a work in process for years and a “secret” ingredient used at many fine-dining restaurants. This chef’s secret weapon makes a world of difference on beef, pork, chicken and seafood. The Big Green Egg prize includes the large-size Egg grill, the nest that holds it, an instructional DVD, accessories and free classes on grilling. “We’ve sold fourteen in the last ten days,” Havemeier said of the product. For more information or to donate to the museum fund, stop by Herman’s Boy during business hours.

Playing in the wind

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by JEFFREY S. O’MALLEY Director of Golf Pilgrim’s Run Golf Club What a beautiful but windy spring we have had in West Michigan this year! Playing golf on windy days can be very difficult and lead to frustration if you don’t know what you are doing. Following are a few ideas that you might want to think about when playing in the wind. When the wind is strong, you may need to widen your putting stance just a little. It helps to stabilize your body in the wind. In addition, in a strong wind we have the tendency to swing faster or harder, so focus on keeping your swing tempo within yourself for better results. Anyone who has been playing golf for a while knows that shots into the wind often require one or two more clubs. The opposite is true with the wind at your back—you’ll need less club. When considering your shot into the green, remember it is better to be long instead of short where most of those nasty bunkers are located! A fun shot to play on windy days is a punch shot. This shot keeps the ball low, so it is not as affected by the wind. I like to set up with the ball position back in my open stance, hands forward of the ball so to de-loft the club, and when I swing I keep my hands low with a short follow through. I don’t want my hands to release. Practice this shot and then try it on a windy day. You will see a nice low trajectory shot with great results.

Rockford Area Historical Society News & Update

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by TERRY KONKLE President, Rockford Area Historical Society  Sometimes when I ask trivia questions, I get a few answers and occasionally none at all. My last question was an exciting one, because I not only got a lot of correct replies, but with almost every one I learned how important Zell Gill was in the lives of many people. Yes, Zell Gill was the caring lady who served so well at the Rockford Library from 1960 to 1980. Here are some statements made by people who contacted me to answer the question: “She inspired my children to read;” “She met my daughter as we entered the library and told about a special book available just for her;” “She was a special lady who helped me with research when I attended Rockford High School;” “She knew her business and it seemed like she never forgot a person’s name;” “Mrs. Gill greeted you with a smile and encouraged you to read;” “Zell Gill instilled a love of reading in my son and daughter and now that I am older with more free time, I have the same passion;” “ Mrs. Gill was the Rockford Library as far as I was concerned.” Did Zell Gill make a difference in the lives of many Rockford people? You bet she did! The above remarks prove it. Now let me tell you something else. I know for a fact that she still makes a difference in the lives of people. She still cares and takes action to help others. I received correct responses from: Bill Boyd, Dave Hutchings, Versa Stoner, Ellen Byram Rothwell, Bruce Turner, Bob Winegar, Helen Hessler, Dianne Skiver, LeAnn Merrills, Barb Driscoll, Jan Konkle, Marcia Erickson, Brock Konkle and Carole Christensen. Thanks to all for responding and sharing your remarks. On Sunday, April 29, 2012, the Rogue River Community Theatre Group performed the “Ragweed Blues.” The show, which lasted just short of two hours, was filled with hilarious action and well received by a nice audience. Patricia Rose, who wrote the play and also had a major acting role in it, was a main force in the fact that there was a special matinee performance. She and all of the other members of the cast gave up their […]

New technology to ease orthodontic anxiety

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The team at Brieden & Miller Orthodontics is excited to announce the addition of two new technologies which are going to make the orthodontic experience more enjoyable. If you have ever dreaded having an impression taken at the orthodontist’s office you don’t have to any longer. Brieden & Miller has invested in the iTero digital scanner to reduce the anxiety in impression taking by eliminating the impression material. With the new digital scanner, the positions of your teeth are recorded by a beam of light. The patient and doctor will be able to see the 3D image on the computer screen as it is being created. Improved accuracy and immediate feedback on the quality of impressions will make retaking impressions a thing of the past. The images can then be sent to a lab or Invisalign for immediate appliance fabrication, reducing the amount of time waiting for treatment to begin. Reducing the amount of time in braces or Invisalign has always been the dream for orthodontic patients. Now it is a reality. Brieden & Miller is one of the first offices to combine traditional orthodontics with the new AcceleDent system. This treatment combination has been shown to reduce orthodontic treatment times by 38 to 50 percent. By taking what orthopedists and physical therapists have been using for years to accelerate bone and wound healing the AcceleDent system is bringing to orthodontics. A simple handheld device is used to convey gentle vibrations at a specific frequency to your teeth, which stimulates bone cells to allow for faster tooth movement. This combination of orthodontics and technology will be perfect for those who want to look their best for that upcoming wedding, reunion, or other important event. This will also be perfect for those busy people who don’t have the time or patience for the regular two-year orthodontic treatment. Brieden & Miller invites you to call their office for a complimentary exam and discover how the new advancements can benefit you.

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