Metro High School Police Academy

Rockford student is top recruit at police academy

July 23, 2009 // 0 Comments

  Rockford Police Chief Dave Jones extolled the achievements of a Rockford High School student during the regular meeting of the city council on Monday, July 20. Maria Sapp was chosen to participate as the representative from Rockford in the week-long 2009 Metro High School Police Academy. According to Jones, the City has been participating in the program for three years. As Rockford’s choice of representative, Sapp was chosen from applicants to attend. “Our selection to attend this year was Maria,” said Jones. “Not only do they have to be outstanding academic students, they also have to exhibit outstanding character and integrity.” Jones states applicants are thoroughly screened with background checks before being accepted into the academy. Jones said at the academy Sapp underwent firearm training, trained for traffic stops and handcuffing. Of all the recruits, Sapp was identified as the  top recruit over all other participants and earned a $500 scholarship toward future college costs. “I was proud of her when we selected her to go. I am very proud when I learned she earned top recruit.”             Jones said Sapp was consistently top in every one of the activities the recruits undertook. “She represented Rockford very well. Sapp was also one of the younger participants, as many are high school graduates.