Michael S Schibler Ph.D.

School Beat — October 14, 2010

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Quality Schools, Quality Community… Together Building a Tradition of Excellence  by MICHAEL S. SHIBLER, Ph.D. Superintendent of Schools Rockford Public Schools  The above statement has been an important part of the Rockford Public Schools (RPS) logo for over 20 years. Not only is the declaration true, it is ongoing with no ending point—we live it every day. RPS and the Rockford community enjoy a real and functioning partnership which has endured and expanded over the years. Despite the current economic challenges which are negatively impacting state, local, school and family budgets, RPS remains an exemplary educational institution because of our people! Several weeks ago, I spoke at the Citizens Research Council’s annual conference in Detroit, when I was asked, “What has RPS done and what is RPS doing to improve educational opportunities for students?” Before I could finish my answer, the program moderator had to “cut me off” because the list of our accomplishments is so lengthy. That question made me realize the importance of reminding the Rockford community of just a few of the excellent opportunities and successes we have enjoyed despite the economy. Beginning in 1989, we began conducting focus groups and surveys of parents, employees, students and the community at large to identify priorities and expectations for RPS. Thus, the first Rockford Action Model for Success (RAMS) was born. Every three years since that time, a new and relevant RAMS model has been created with input from our school and community. RAMS VII is nearing completion, and we have already started the process to create RAMS VIII. This ongoing strategic blueprint for continuous improvement has played a major role in our success. RPS has earned a strong reputation as an exemplary public school system based on the following facts: • Rockford is the only school district in Michigan to require students to demonstrate proficiency in math and language arts by successfully passing the ACT WorkKeys high school competency tests to earn a high school diploma. • All of our schools are recognized by the State Board of Education as exemplary Blue Ribbon Schools, which is based on student achievement test scores, educational programs, and parent involvement. We are the only school district in Kent County to earn this recognition. • As defined […]