Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association

McKay to head state organization

January 6, 2011 // 0 Comments

Rockford treasurer voted to position by peers  by BETH ALTENA  When Kim McKay hired on with the City of Rockford 14 years ago this past December, she was deputy treasurer. Today she is a woman wearing many professional hats with the local government and has been voted the next president of the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association (MMTA). The nonprofit organization of treasurers of cities, townships and other municipalities is over 800 members strong, and McKay can’t overemphasize how much help professionally the group has offered in her tenure. Starting out as deputy, with John Strauss treasurer, McKay was promoted when Strauss took a job with Kent County. Since, McKay has been doing the work you would expect as treasurer, collecting taxes, paying bills and filling out payroll checks for the City. Unlike larger cities, a treasurer in a town the size of Rockford finds other duties falling to her hands. “Other treasurers look at me funny when I tell them some of my duties,” McKay shared. Any visitor to the well-used Community Cabin on Monroe Street may admire the color scheme, new kitchen design and décor. That was McKay’s design. She also is responsible for the open-space, visitor-friendly look of City Hall itself. “I’d love to get my hands on the old court building,” she confided. Design and decoration skills aren’t typical on a treasurer’s resume, but local government sometimes has the luxury, or necessity, of making use of the skills available in its staff. “We are all very cross-trained here,” McKay said of the City. Responding to years-long revenue and state-shared funding cuts, Rockford has been decreasing personnel through attrition and consolidation of services. But even before having to tighten its belt financially, the City made good use of talent such as McKay’s. Any stroll through downtown during months of moderate weather proves the point. McKay has for years been the designer of the floral arrangements in the seasonal pots throughout the City. “It’s been all the way down from the top,” McKay said of budget challenges. “We are still able to offer many services that other municipalities no longer can.” McKay said offering leaf pick-up is still a huge service that some may take for granted. The City also continues to be supportive […]