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Michigan State Police closing Rockford dispatch

March 3, 2011 // 0 Comments

Space to be reevaluated by BETH ALTENA By April 16 the nine jobs currently held by operators of the Michigan State Police (MSP) dispatch center in the Rockford MSP Post #61 at 345 Northland Drive will be gone. The cuts are part of Governor Snyder’s new budget and will save the state a million dollars annually. According to Rockford MSP Post Commander Chris McIntire, the move makes sense, although is a blow to the people and their families who will lose their jobs. “It will be a seamless transition to the post,” McIntire said. McIntire also stated that the post may be closing during the night as opposed to being open 24 hours a day, which it has been for as long as he can recall. “If anything it will mean increased patrol for the public,” he said of the post closing at night. “It will mean the supervisor who normally would be working in here will be out on the road patrolling.” McIntire said the news was unexpected and came quickly after Governor Snyder announced his new budget for the state on Wednesday, February 22. He described a meeting where he and other supervisors were told of the changes and the dispatch center closing is a certainty. McIntire said the seven dispatchers have been offered transfers to either Detroit or Lansing, but the two supervisors have not been offered an opportunity to keep their jobs. He said the services will be transferred to Gaylord and Lansing and will eventually all be moved to Lansing when facilities are available. Prior to operating dispatch out of the Rockford post, the space was used by the post for its general operations. McIntire said MSP is considering how best to use the area once it is vacated. Currently the dispatch center occupies a large room in the front southern section of the 77-year-old building. “I didn’t see it coming at all,” McIntire said. Formerly the center handled calls made to 911 from cell phones for the MSP fifth and sixth region, from the state line in the south up to Grand Haven, this area and to Hart and Ionia. It made sense for Michigan State Police to handle those calls since nearly all traffic accidents now are reported […]