Michigan’s Taxes

The Tax Attic with Jerry Coon — November 11, 2010

November 12, 2010 // 0 Comments

What is Michigan’s future tax situation? The ringing of the telephone interrupted my concentration Tuesday night. I was listening to the national election news and also reading a book. Nowadays, that’s spreading my thought processes about as thin as I can get away with. The caller was Rockford City Manager Michael Young. Was it going to be good news or bad news? Was I successful in my run for the City Council? Since it was well after 8 p.m., I knew the votes were all tabulated. The vote count was finalized and we all know there would be no hanging chads in Rockford. I was hoping for good news and it was. Michael congratulated me on being the newest Councilman and for being the top vote-getter by one vote over Steve Jazwiec. What a relief. I can tell you that it puts a little different slant on Election Day when your name is on the ballot. I want to say “thank you” to each of the people who voted for me, “thank you” to each of the people who supported me but couldn’t vote because they didn’t live in the city, and “thank you” to all of those who encouraged me along the way. It is very gratifying and humbling to receive people’s good wishes, and I truly appreciate it. A special “thank you” goes to my wife Deb and son-in-law Devon, who, along with me, worked many hours and walked all of the four square miles of Rockford passing out information and talking to residents. The three of us now know that about 95% of all driveways in Rockford run uphill, some substantially uphill, with the remaining 5% being somewhat level. There might actually be one or two that go downhill, but those could really have been optical illusions and we just wanted to believe they were slanted downhill. I will do my best for my term to help Michael and the rest of the City Council meet the challenges and opportunities facing Rockford in the next few years. It’s going to be fun and hard work at the same time. I can do fun and I am good at working hard, so I’m confident that while I’m on the Council, we will keep […]