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2014 Bond Construction Projects

July 2, 2015 // 0 Comments

Spring is finally here! Spring sports seasons are in full swing and the construction of the 2014 Bond projects is underway. We are excited to see the many months of planning come to fulfillment. Thank you to the community for your vision and support of the May 2014 bond issue. Starting April 1st, the first phase of the security vestibules/school entrances construction started at the following buildings: Belmont Elementary Crestwood Elementary Lakes Elementary Parkside Elementary Valley View Elementary Building staff have been extremely helpful and flexible as alternate arrangements for office space and entrances were arranged. Construction on the remaining buildings will commence the first week of summer break. We appreciate your patience during the last few weeks of school and for any inconveniences that may occur. Another component of the technology planning for the 2014 bond funds will be the installation of wireless capabilities “wall to wall” in all buildings this summer. Demand has increased both for instructional staff to have dependable access to instructional tools, as well as the reliability and support of connected student devices to the district’s network. The proposed project will provide connectivity for all staff members across the district and for every student to use a connected device on the network as a learning tool. Based on input from the community and our Transportation Department, a new service drive is also planned between the High School and Freshman Center. This will alleviate traffic entering/leaving from Kroes and will allow the buses to travel between both buildings without having to exit onto Kroes and re-enter the Freshman Center from Kroes. Since we will be “moving dirt” for that project, we combined the addition of a new turf field with the project. Construction will start the first week of summer break and will be completed by mid-August. The final project planned for the summer months will be tennis court improvements at East Rockford Middle School. Summer will be a busy construction season and we are looking forward to the many improvements of our facilities. It will be exciting when staff and students come back to school in the fall. Again, our sincere appreciation for your support.   Mike Cuneo, Assistant Superintendent of Finance


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The Cost of Athletics by MIKE CUNEO Assistant Superintendent of Finance Rockford Public Schools  When we think of June, parents, students and staff are thinking about the end of the school year and making plans for a well-deserved summer break. June is, however, the time of year when we are planning the budget for the next school year and revising the current school year budget. The fiscal year of the school district is July 1 to June 30. As mandated by law, we are required to submit to the Board of Education for formal adoption the revised general fund budget of the 2011-12 school year and the proposed general fund budget for the 2012-13 school year. Preparation and planning of the general fund budget encompasses revenues received from state and federal sources and expenditures for the district’s instructional programs and support services, which include operations and maintenance, transportation, community services as well as the athletic program. One question that is often asked is, “What is the cost of athletics to the district?” During the 2011-12 school year, over 30 varsity sports were offered to students through the district’s athletic program with more than 2,600 secondary students participating. Revenue received from the various sports encompasses gate receipts, student fees for pay-to-participate and donations. The total revenue for the 2011-12 school year was $452,838. Expenditures for the athletic program include salaries for coaches, cost of officials and game staff, tournament fees and travel expenses, as well as equipment, supplies and uniforms. The total expenditures for the 2011-12 school year were $1,264,508. As you can see, the costs of the athletic program are higher than the revenues received. The difference of $811,670 is covered by a general fund subsidy. This amount equates to 1.1% of the total overall general fund budget of $70+ million. While the dollar amount may seem large as a percentage of the overall general fund budget, it is a very small percentage. As the Board of Education has implemented budget reductions over the last few years, all programs have been impacted, including athletics. With assistance from the Sports Boosters and community, the district has been able to minimize the impact of cuts to the program. Their generous donations and support have covered the cost […]


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SCHOOL BEAT Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting by MIKE CUNEO Assistant Superintendent of Finance Rockford Public Schools Rockford Public Schools (RPS) was awarded the Association of School Business Officials International’s (ASBO) “Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting Program” (COE) for excellence in the preparation and issuance of the fiscal year end 2010 school system report. This is the 10th consecutive year Rockford has received this distinction. The “Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting Program” was designed by ASBO International to enable school business officials to achieve a high standard of financial reporting. The award, the highest recognition for school district financial operations offered by ASBO, is only conferred to school systems that have met or exceeded the standards of the programs. The COE award represents a very significant achievement and confirms the district’s business office commitment to financial accountability and transparency. Recognition through the COE program helps strengthen the district’s presentation for bond issuance statements and promotes a high level of financial reporting. The COE is divided into numerous reporting sections. The Introductory Section provides the district an opportunity to present our educational program, share the district’s Points of Pride, and highlight Rockford’s strategic planning model, Rockford Action Model for Success (RAMS). We also comment on the current economic conditions we face as a school district in the state of Michigan. The Financial Section meets the state and federal guidelines for financial reporting of all district funds. This section includes information on the General Fund as well as Special Revenue Funds. The Statistical Section provides a 10-year history and overview of financial and demographic data. As noted in the Vision Statement of the Board of Education, we have the responsibility to be trustworthy stewards of the financial resources provided to us by the community. The achievement of this award reflects the district’s commitment to the highest standards of school system financial reporting and to our community. You may view the full report on the district’s website at www.rockfordschools.org/Resources/PDF/RPS/Rockford%202010%20ASBO%20CAFRe.pdf. Congratulations to the staff who worked so hard to earn the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting Award and our appreciation to the community of Rockford for their support.

School Beat — November 25, 2009

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Bond monies support RPS fine arts programs by MIKE CUNEO Assistant Superintendent, Finance Rockford Public Schools As the construction season winds down for the fall, I would like to take this opportunity to update the community on the work completed and yet to be completed. Work has been started on five of the largest construction projects in the scope of the approved bond issue. As you drive around the Rockford Public Schools (RPS) district, you will see additions in progress at the following elementary buildings: Cannonsburg, Lakes, Roguewood and Valley View. All projects are on schedule and we are in the stages at some additions of finishing work (i.e. painting, carpeting and new furniture). You will also see multi-purpose fields completed at Roguewood Elementary, the addition of new fields at East Rockford Middle School and the high school/freshman center campus. Design work has been completed for the remaining elementary buildings and also for the planned addition at East Rockford Middle School as well as the facility upgrades to North Rockford Middle School, and construction on these projects will begin in the spring of 2010. However, there are many additional purchases/projects beyond construction projects that are not as easily visible. We have highlighted technology upgrades and the purchase of new computers, etc., previously in other presentations. I would like to highlight for the community the bond monies that have been expended to support the district’s fine arts programs. Over $90,000 has been spent on the purchase of new band instruments. Part of the rationale for a turf field at the Ted Carlson Memorial Stadium was the multi-purpose field would fill the need for practice fields for the band program and would optimize their performances and the program. New risers and pianos have been purchased for the choir program at the high school and freshman center. Monies have also been allocated for new instruments for the proposed orchestra program. In addition, we have allocated over $200,000 for facility and equipment upgrades to the district’s auditorium. A new state-of-the art, high-tech operating system has been installed. This computerized, digital system will control the sound and lighting systems and also incorporate portable controls. The electrical and rigging systems have been completely updated, as well as a new projection system […]