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Rockford family talks about seeing Biggest Loser finale live

July 5, 2012 // 0 Comments

by CINDY M. CRANMER Celebrating the accomplishment of a family friend typically does not involve a trip across the country and the opportunity to be part of the audience during the live season finale of “The Biggest Loser.” That is exactly what a Rockford family got to experience by celebrating the victory of Jeremy Britt on “The Biggest Loser.” Mike and Linda TenBrink, along with their son Graham and his fiancée Katie Couturier, traveled to California to watch Britt become the winner of season 13 of “The Biggest Loser.” Britt’s sister, Conda, took third place in the live finale that was broadcast to millions of television viewers in early May. Jeremy, 23, lost 199 pounds during the season, dropping his body weight to 190 pounds. Conda, 24, lost 115 pounds for her third-place finish. “This year’s Biggest Loser season was an amazing journey for Jeremy, Conda and their family and friends,” said Mike TenBrink. “We feel very blessed of having been afforded the opportunity to be in the audience for the finale in order to support Jeremy and Conda, and view it as one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences.” Mike said Jeremy demonstrated many qualities during the season and the show’s finale, but the one word he always thought best described Jeremy is “loyal.” “Jeremy has always been loyal to his friends and his family,” Mike said. Linda said their family got to know Jeremy as Graham and Jeremy graduated together from Rockford in 2007. “We have known him for about 10 years,” she said. The TenBrinks said they got to know Conda and Jeremy’s family through the season and better through the trip. “Jeremy was always so funny. He always had a story to tell,” Linda said. “About six years ago, I was watching ‘The Biggest Loser’ on TV and Jeremy was at the house. I told him to check out the show, as they lost weight and had the opportunity to win money, cars, etc. Jeremy was a baseball player when he was young and had athletic abilities. I told him that he should try out for the show because he could win.” Linda said trying out for the show was a long process and both he and Conda didn’t want to get their […]