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MacGregor coordinates Cyber Safety presentations in Rockford middle schools

December 15, 2011 // 0 Comments

State Rep. Peter MacGregor, R-Rockford, recently coordinated presentations on cyber safety for sixth- through eighth-grade students at East and North Rockford middle schools. The presentations, customized through the Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative (CSI), inform students about common Internet predator techniques and appropriate responses to cyber bullying. Students are cautioned about revealing personal information on social networking sites. They also are taught not to share inappropriate material via cell phones, while learning about the long-term consequences that can result. The presentation incorporates several videos to drive home the importance of being responsible online. “It’s important that our children understand the dangers of the Internet,” MacGregor said. “When I learned of the CSI program, I knew Rockford students could benefit from the important information, and I’m pleased that we were able to coordinate this great opportunity for them. Thanks to the Michigan CSI, Rockford students will be safer on the Internet this year.” The Michigan CSI program was piloted in 2007 by the Michigan Attorney General’s Office. Since the program’s launch, it has been presented to more than 640,000 students in Michigan. For additional information, along with handouts and resources, visit the Michigan CSI website at www.michigan.gov/csi.


April 14, 2011 // 0 Comments

Establish successful habits now by MIKE RAMM, Principal East Rockford Middle School Amazingly, the 2010-2011 school year is nearing an end. While there is more work to be done and students are anticipating summer vacation, now is a valuable time to begin preparing for next school year. This advice is especially true if your son or daughter will be transitioning to middle school. Success in middle school can set the stage for a student’s success in high school, in college and in life. Students attending middle school in Rockford are surrounded by supportive influences to ensure a smooth transition and overall positive experience. Staff members, parents and peers all help middle school students achieve. When a student enters middle school in Rockford, he or she is afforded many opportunities. Students have the chance to meet new people, develop skills and interests, gain a sense of identity and independence, and begin thinking about future goals. Additionally, students are faced with challenges including more responsibilities, new class schedules, tougher academic work and new surroundings. Each opportunity and challenge provides a valuable learning experience that will prepare students for their future. Parents can play a major part in assisting students during a school year. Below are some steps parents can take to ensure students start middle school with every advantage: •            Share a positive attitude. Encourage a love of learning by talking about new things your child will learn in middle school. Discuss exciting changes middle school will bring, such as new friends, activities and clubs. •            Get to know the school together. Attend the summer orientation program and view the middle school websites for helpful information. •            Teach your child to be more organized. Encourage your child to keep all school material neatly in one place. Show your son or daughter how to write down class assignments in a planner. •            Help your child learn good social skills. Talk about the importance of cooperating, listening, respecting differences, being supportive and apologizing when wrong. •            Encourage your child to get involved. Suggest that your child try several activities that may interest him or her. Middle school offers clubs, intramurals, band, choir, athletics, student council and other after-school activities. •            Stay connected with your child’s schoolwork. Attend parent teacher […]