Weird weather brings bumper, early morel crop

May 17, 2012 // 0 Comments

Usually May is Morel Month in Michigan, but the early spring weather apparently caused the mushrooms to pop up sooner and perhaps disappear before their typical season would even be well underway. Squire Editor Beth Altena had a great time hunting mushrooms last week and found so many it was hard not to step on them. In a usual season, the first week of May is a little early for any serious foraging. This year, May 3 saw many morels in the secret hunting grounds already spoiled. Fortunately, however, there were plenty of others to make up for the overgrown toppled morels. In the woods at the Altena family home, a few mushrooms are usually popping up about this time of year, but a great big six-inch one was already suffering from slug damage and toppling when it was spotted. Other mushroom-hunting readers may be enjoying this strange season, and the Squire would love the chance to share pictures and stories with our readers. E-mail them to

Morel Madness

May 21, 2009 // 0 Comments

MOREL MADNESS-I bet you’re mad you didn’t bring home this haul. Rockford resident Joyce Wagner divided her split of a family gathering of morels around the stump of a walnut tree cut down last year.  Squire editor Beth Altena was nearly skunked by her secret spot and Marlene Clark of Rockford Public Schools said she wasn’t having much luck in the district either. Wagner declined to share the location of her find and said if she told us she’d have to kill us.