Natureview Properties Building

Move over Meijer Sculpture Park

June 30, 2010 // 0 Comments

Second work of art installed down town this week by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL  What a week last week was for Rockford. Following the city’s annual Start of Summer weekend, the popular Rogue River Blues Series returned last Tuesday night. Just prior to the music of the Jimmie Stagger Band, all in attendance were invited to the Rockford Dam Overlook for the unveiling and dedication of the Waterdance sculpture. And then, last Friday morning, directly from Palm Dessert, Calif., a cast bronze sculpture of Abraham Lincoln arrived in town and was placed on prominent display. “Honest Abe” is seated on a bench located in front of the pavilion, at the south end of the Natureview Properties Building that is adjacent to, and part of, the Promenade complex (think Reds, Frenz, and Paper Doll). Lincoln appears to be contemplating the presentation of the Gettysburg Address. The Lincoln statue arrived in Rockford after a 36-hour road trip from J. Willott Gallery on the west coast. Personally chauffeuring the 500-pound statue was Ken Paquette, the father of one of the gallery’s owners. Waiting for Paquette were Alan Rummler and Steve Hoogwind of Cedar Springs’ River Ridge Landscaping Company, who had been contracted for previous site preparation and final installation of the statue. Now you are probably asking the obvious question: “How did this come to be?” Rockford area resident and CEO of Rockford’s Trendwell Energy, Tom Mall, has benevolently gifted this significant work of art to the Rockford community. Celebrated sculptor Gary Lee Price, whose sculptures are in public and private collections throughout the world, created the Lincoln sculpture.   Mall said, “People love statues, and Abraham Lincoln was one of our greatest historical figures. All school-age children learn of the Gettysburg Address and how Lincoln kept us together as a nation during one of the most trying times in our country’s history. My wife, Cathy, and I believe Lincoln has great appeal to a broad spectrum of people, and we felt Rockford was the perfect venue for this statue.” Mall’s son and Trendwell Energy President Todd Mall, along with his sister and company vice president, Angela Adams, agree. Both expressed the hope that the statue will create people traffic who will detour off the White Pine Trail […]