NBC’s Biggest Loser Club series

Nation waits to see if Rockford contestant will win Biggest Loser

April 12, 2012 // 0 Comments

Brother and sister are in finals on national television show by BETH ALTENA A Rockford brother and sister have made it to the end of a life-changing process that has taken place in the public on NBC’s Biggest Loser Club series. The two are back home now after the 18-week show where they accomplished more than they ever imagined after starting the show weighing 389 pounds (Jeremy) and 294 pounds (Conda). Their journey even took them to the White House, where they spent a day with First Lady Michelle Obama, and currently have the chance to win $30,000 to bring a gym locally if they are first in online voting. Jeremy Britt, 22, employed at Fifth Third Bank, and lived a sedentary life—the only sport he ever played was golf, where the exercise was minimal as he always used a golf cart. He knew he had to make a change in his life when a friend asked him to go to the beach and he declined because he didn’t want anyone to see him without a shirt. Conda Britt, 24, is a single mother and college student with a full-time job. As a nutrition technician for Spectrum Health, she is responsible for helping patients maintain diets created for them by doctors or dieticians. She felt she had to make a change in her life not only for herself but for her two-year-old daughter. Both Rockford High School graduates say they come from a family where being heavy is the norm and family gatherings feature delicious but not very healthy food. “Being overweight was easy and acceptable,” Jeremy said. The brother and sister duo went to a Detroit open casting call for the show and were accepted. The first airing of their season of the Biggest Loser Club took place on January 3 of this year. The final episode will air May 1. Over the next 18 weeks each contestant, always a team of pairs, are challenged to lose weight, learn healthy lifestyle habits, and face challenges with eliminations throughout the season. Through each elimination, the cast has been narrowed—both in the number of contestants and physically as each sheds pounds. Now the participants are all home, and know what only the NBC staff of the […]