Hate standing in line?

September 20, 2012 // 0 Comments

Consider voting absentee in the November election by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL “We, the people” (the electorate) of the United States are so polarized by partisan politics and rhetoric that voter turnout in the General November 2012 Presidential election is expected to be huge. In Rockford, both sides of a full ballot will decide elective offices that will offer up choices from the Presidency of the United States right down to Rockford City Council. Topping it all off, voters will be asked to consider six separate proposed amendments to the Michigan Constitution. With all of this on our plates in the polling booth, is it any wonder on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, that long lines will be evident at polling places across the country. If your time is valuable and you are one who does not like to stand in line, even in an election of this magnitude, there is an easier alternative. Consider casting an absentee ballot. One does not have to be a senior citizen to request an absentee ballot. A number of valid excuses allow any registered voter to receive and vote, at their leisure, an absentee ballot in the privacy of their own home. Receiving an absentee ballot is a simple process. First off, either in person or on the phone, contact your local Clerk and request an application form for an absentee ballot. When received, check an appropriate box, sign your name and return it to your Clerk. Upon receipt, the Clerk will mail an absentee ballot to your home address. How simple and easy! No standing in long lines, no need to fit election day into your hectic and busy life, no need to be late for work, and you can even have a cup of coffee while you ponder and exercise your civic duty. Your reporters have voted via absentee ballot for many years. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Heck, in the not-to-distant future it’s envisioned that everyone will cast their votes electronically from anywhere they choose on Election Day. For those of you who live in the City of Rockford, City Clerk Chris Bedford and the office staff at Rockford City Hall would be more than happy to service your request for an absentee […]

Treasure hunter will win $1000 in free gasoline

September 20, 2012 // 0 Comments

Copper coin hidden somewhere in township The hunt begins on Tuesday, September 25 and the best hunter will win a grand in gas. Legend has it that back in the 1800’s, a cannon was hidden in Cannon Township and has never been found to this day. The legend will be re-created in 2012. A custom coin with a cannon stamped on it has been specially designed and minted for the treasure hunt. The coin has been hidden somewhere in Cannon Township. The coin in no more than 4 feet off the ground, and is not on privately owned property. A big change for this year is that there will be 4 parts to a clue released each week on Tuesday after 8 am. You will need all 4 parts to the clue to make up a whole clue. Participating businesses will each have available part of the new clue per week; it will be up to the treasure hunter to visit enough businesses to get the entire clue until the coin is found. The person that finds the coin will receive $1000.00 in free gasoline. We are asking for canned food donations to support the North Kent Community Service Center this year from the treasure hunters when they pick up the clues. Each participating business will have a donation box available at their locations. Gasoline Cards generously provided by The Topp Stop and Cannonsburg Grist Mill. Pick up clues on Tuesday at these participating Cannon Township locations Cannonsburg Grist Mill The Topp Stop ChoiceOne Bank Williamson Family Medicine S & H Greenhouse Gallery Interiors Euro Autowerks Advanced Rental Bailey’s Quick Lube Pizzeria Grande Bella Vista Family Eye Care Ric’s Food Center Cannon Family Dentistry Directions Hair Co Bostwick Bakery Dave’s Transmission Acme Tire & Auto Lakeside Car Co The Vagabond Stites Eye Care Cannon Township Believe

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