North Rockford Middle School Students of the Month

North Rockford Middle School Students of the Month for April 2012

May 10, 2012 // 0 Comments

Jessica Bates 6th Grade Structures Magnet Jessica is the daughter of Michele and Jeff Bates. Jessica has three siblings, Alivia, Jacob and Kurtis as well as a dog named Miley. She attended Belmont Elementary. Her hobbies include reading, basketball and playing with her dog. Jessica’s favorite college is Michigan, and she would like to someday become either a teacher or a journalist. Her favorite class is gym, she loves to eat pizza, and she really enjoyed The Hunger Games. She likes listening to music by Selena Gomez and likes the “Harry Potter” movies. Jessica is most proud of her good grades, and the people that she admires the most are her mom and her sister. Jackson Danner 6th Grade Structures Magnet Jackson is the son of Emily and Nicholas Danner. He has two siblings, Holland and Samuel and a dog named Max. Jackson attended Roguewood Elementary. He is involved with baseball and soccer, he enjoys playing with all things electronic and hanging out with friends; his favorite school is Michigan State. Jackson’s favorite classes are his Spanish Immersion classes with Ms. Adamus. His favorite food is pizza, he likes the movie Moneyball, and he enjoys listening to music from One Republic. Jackson is most proud of getting good grades and being named the 6th grade NRMS Hero by his fellow classmates and the National Junior Honor Society. The person that Jackson admires the most is his grandfather. Sisely Vongphasouk 7th Grade Sisely is the daughter of Jerry and Shelly Vongphasouk. She has dog named Mylo. Sisely attended Belmont Elementary. She is involved with student council and lacrosse and in her free time she loves to shop. Her favorite school is Michigan, and she hopes to become an anesthesiologist. Sisley’s favorite teacher is Mr. Barr, and she really likes her digital communications class. She loved both the book and the movie The Help, and she likes music by Adele. Sisely is most proud of being invited to play on the Cyclones traveling lacrosse team. The people that she admires the most are her mom and her cousin, Sami. Spencer Kolderman 7th Grade Spencer is the son of Joe and Rosemary Kolderman. He has two siblings, Ethan and Seth as well as two dogs, Rocky and Copper. […]