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Girls earn summer cash

July 15, 2010 // 0 Comments

The beginning of summer is an excellent time to start making your own money. So long as you sell more lemonade than you drink, you can do so by starting a lemonade stand! Rockford residents Maggie Gem, 11, and Marissa H., 12, who will be attending North Rockford Middle School in the fall, have begun their own lemonade stand to earn money for the summer. They began on Tuesday, June 15 and managed to make $8.20 on the first day. The girls plan to continue their summer project. If you would like to enjoy some of their pink lemonade, you can find them at 167 Courtland Street, Rockford. For 25 cents you can buy a small cup and for 50 cents, a larger cup.

Rockford Relay for Life begins Friday at 3 p.m. at NRMS

May 20, 2010 // 0 Comments

Since Rockford’s first Relay for Life in 2003, this little town’s event has become one of the most successful Relays in the nation. The American Cancer Society 24-hour fund raiser is really a year round event, with teams coming up with creative and fun ways to raise donations and awareness. This year’s Relay celebration begins at 3 p.m. Friday, May 21 at North Rockford Middle School. The theme for this year is Rockin’ Relay, so visitors can expect music-themed tents and events. In the last seven years Relay, through community, school and city support, has become an amazing story of generosity and determination. To date the event has raised over $2 million and each year, with the exception of 2009, the totals have risen. Compare Rockford’s 2009 total of $340,000 raised to fight cancer to other communities that held Relays on the same day. Wyoming raised $106,000, East Grand Rapids raised $58,000 and Comstock Park raised $53,000. The magic of Relay is not a dollar figure, but the passion represented by these figures. A first-time visitor to Relay will feel the excitement in the air for a cause that literally does touch every life. Among the most moving events in a 24-hours full of events is the 9 p.m. Luminaria ceremony representing those who have fought cancer and the survivors walk at noon on Saturday. Take the time to experience Relay for Life this year, whether to remember a loved one who has battled cancer, or to show your support of those working for a cure.

NRMS band rocks at state festival

May 20, 2010 // 0 Comments

North Rockford Middle School’s (NRMS) eighth-grade band took top honors at the Michigan School Band & Orchestra Association’s state festival on April 23 at Big Rapids High School. “The kids were amazing,” said NRMS band director Cullen McCarthy. “This is the band’s fourth straight superior Division I rating at a festival. They received superior ratings at both district and state festivals last year in seventh grade, too.” The band received superior Division I ratings across the board from all three concert judges as well as the sight-reading judge. They qualified for the state festival by receiving a superior Division I rating at the district level in February. “The students performed wonderfully and we all had a great time,” said McCarthy. “They are very talented and motivated students and I love working with them.” For more information on NRMS bands please visit

Education Blackboard — May 6, 2010

May 6, 2010 // 0 Comments

School Beat First impressions… with anxiety or confidence! by LISSA WEIDENFELLER, Principal North Rockford Middle School Did you know that it only takes 30 seconds to make a first impression? Once a bad first impression is formed, it takes approximately 20 additional encounters to change that opinion. With so much on the line, being anxious about meeting someone for the first time is normal, especially when it is someone that you feel is important or that you want to impress. An example could be a job or college interviewer, instructor, teacher or coach. To overcome these anxieties, you must understand the basics of first impressions. According to the Flippen Group, authors of Capturing Kids’ Hearts, the following cues are what people notice when you are meeting others for the first time. They include: •            facial expressions—Smile it is free! •            handshake—firm, but not too strong. Do not twist your wrist. Twisting your wrist is a sign of domination. •            tone of voice—Speak clearly and loud enough for the person to hear you. A positive attitude is communicated through your voice. •            dress and grooming—The situation will determine how you need to dress. Regardless of the situation, your attire should look complete. •            eye contact—Make it! •            posture—Do not slouch or pull away. Lean in when handshaking. •            level of relaxation—Feel confident. Remember the past successes in your life that will make you feel proud. •            energy—Are you excited and feel honored to meet this person? If so, let your energy show it. Practice these skills and do not be afraid to recognize and initiate contact with someone else. They will at least know that you care! When you meet someone for the first time and start to engage, it is the first step to building a potential relationship. Remember, your tone and body language must say, “I am enthusiastic about meeting you,” or “I am excited about being here, and I want the position.” With these basic skills, I hope the next time you have an interview or meet someone for the first time, your anxiety will be reduced and your confidence will help you make a good first impression.

Just call him ‘Fred’

November 18, 2009 // 0 Comments

Meijer book-signing event an evening of fun by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL Last Wednesday evening, Nov. 11, as Fred and Lena Meijer walked through the entrance of North Rockford Middle School, they were greeted by someone who said, “Hi, Fred. How are you?” With a big grin on his face, Fred’s quick-witted response was, “You don’t ask a 90-year-old man a question like that unless you have the rest of the day for the answer!” Thus set the tone for an evening of fun. Fred—as always, he insists that everyone call him by his first name—and Lena were in town for a Rockford Area Historical Society sponsored book-signing event. The featured book was “Fred Meijer – Stories of His Life,” authored by Bill Smith and Larry ten Harmsel, who were also present. A near-capacity crowd filled the school’s auditorium as Terry Konkle, president of the Rockford Area Historical Society, welcomed everyone present to a short program prior to the book-signing. After a brief and hilarious video—Fred was seen and heard singing “Happy Trails to You”—ten Harmsel, historian for the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park and one of the book’s authors, read an excerpt from the book from a time when Fred was a boy of 13. Ten Harmsel then introduced his co-author, Smith, a Meijer Corporation employee for over 40 years. The banter of both men was lighthearted as they led into the introduction of the guest of honor, Fred Meijer.   Fred, as he always does, held everyone in the palm of his hand as he spoke lovingly of his bride of nearly 63 years, telling everyone, “She is only 39 years old and she’s the boss and always has been.” Lena loved it and so did we. He went on to introduce his personal assistant, Pam Kleibusch, who has been his “right-hand woman” at Meijer Inc. for 52 years. Fred finished by saying, “The grocery business is serious business. We’ve got to pay the bills, do the job, and have fun along the way.”   The audience then exited to the foyer for the book-signing and light refreshments provided by the Historical Society. Everyone present that evening had arrived with a previously purchased book or bought one that night at the door. […]

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