What’s Cookin’ by Jeanne Briggs — November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Side Dishes Most of us are creatures of habit when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. It’s usually the same vegetable sides every year. There is change in the air this year. We can still pay homage to our cherished favorites, but there can be some vegetable magic this year if you take the time […]

Volunteer police compile calendar as fundraiser

LOCAL VIEWS—Jim Herdegen, a Rockford Police Services Unit volunteer, has taken over 30,500 pictures with his Fuji digital camera. A dozen of the best are found in a calendar offered for sale by the Rockford Police. Department.

Rockford Police Chief Dave Jones considers the efforts of his Volunteer Police Services Unit a big part of the success of policing in Rockford. Without pay, the force mans the Welcome Center in Squires Street Square, assists in patrolling Rockford parks and the White Pine Trail, and performs various other duties. “There is no funding […]

Main Street, by Roger Allen, publisher

Thankful Two new things I’m thankful for this year: 1) I personally don’t have to make the tough decisions about the war in Afghanistan; 2) The president who must make those decisions is weighing all the pros and cons carefully, gathering information and insight from the experts. Thankless President Obama faces a classic example of […]

Birthdays – November 28-December 4, 2009

28th Heather Barton 29th Angie Bandemer, Mycah Heintz, Zoey Heintz, Paulene Stegehuis 30th Pat Breihof, Jill Fowle DECEMBER 1st Rosie Priebe, Bonie Rewa, Gerrit TenBrink 2nd Barry Bell, Nadine Hayes, Barb Ohnsman, Joan Wainright 3rd Sarah Barton, Stephanie Barton, Taylor Hone, Houston Moyer 4th Esther Haynes, Winnie Knight, Rick Sivings

The Tax Attic with Jerry Coon — November 25, 2009

Jerry Coon, Enrolled Agent Five items most affect returns this year Boy, there sure is a lot going on in the tax arena this year. I have written about this regularly and previously, but it bears repeating: virtually by the minute, our tax system is getting more complicated. I attended a two-day seminar last week […]