Laura Featherston

It’s good to know!  by LAURA FEATHERSTON Trustee, Board of Education Rockford Public Schools As a local real estate agent, I am frequently asked for information about area school districts. I’m obviously a bit biased towards Rockford Public Schools (RPS), but I have to be as impartial as possible! I always direct people to the […]


Thursday, November 3 Free Meal for Northern Kent County Families—6 to 7 p.m. at the Our Lady of Consolation Family Center, 4865 Eleven Mile Rd., Rockford, every Thursday. No charge; no registration required. Provided by a partnership between Our Lady of Consolation Parish and God’s Kitchen, a program of Catholic Charities West Michigan. Rockford Area […]

MAIN STREET by Roger Allen, publisher

WOW! Seven Billion people!! World population hit that mark last weekend. The lucky child was probably born in the Philippines. Mother Nature made us pretty good at increasing our species. Everybody loves babies and we make a lot of them. Seven billion at last count. Our next step is to find another nice planet. We […]

THE TAX ATTIC with Jerry Coon

How to deal with Form 1099-C A hot topic on the seminar circuit this year concerns how to deal with taxpayers who receive a Form 1099-C, Cancellation of Debt. Taxpayers will receive this form when they have $600 or more of debt forgiven by a financial institution. Debt forgiveness, if it is taxable, results in […]

BIRTHDAYS — November 5–11

5 Verna Devries, Linda Laage, Don TerKeurst 6 Chip Chipman, Sue Turoski 7 Wendy Anderson, Bob Clawson, Tom TenBrink, Howard Ward 8 Mary Ann Kindle 9 Karen Hickok, Dennis Trendt 10 Travis King, Sue Rickson, Karol Steinbach, Julia D. Voss 11 Bill Brinkman, Dr. Stacey Davis, Joe Magnon, Victor M. Matthews X, Isabela Moyer, Tyler Vinns