October 1 2009

Rockford students shine on ACT

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Over 30 Rockford High School (RHS) seniors recently scored 30 or better on their ACT college entrance exams. Rockford consistently has many students score 30 or higher on their ACT test—last year, 30 students also scored 30 or higher. These students were recognized at the Sept. 28 Board of Education meeting at Rockford High School. Congratulations to all of the students for their outstanding accomplishment! For more information, please contact RHS Principal Dan Zang at (616) 863-6030.

School Beat – October 1, 2009

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Freshman Center now on Twitter by DOUG VANDERJAGT Principal, Rockford Freshman Center With the information age all around us, keeping our parents and other community members informed about school building news is very important. Students are actively using all the technology they can get their hands on. Texting, blogs, Facebook, MySpace, and now Twitter—people all over are keeping in contact with world around them. Finding the best method to keep staff informed can be difficult. As Rockford Public Schools adapts to the new technology, the Freshman Center introduces its Twitter page to keep parents up-to-date on the latest news and happenings at the ninth-grade campus. With the creation of FreshmanCenter on twitter.com, the administration will circulate key messages already posted on the district’s website, in e-newsletters, blogs and videos. We will now be able to communicate such things as school closings or delays and post reminders about scheduled calendar changes. As a popular free social networking and micro-blogging service, Twitter enables users to send and read each other’s updates, known as “tweets.” These tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters, displayed on the author’s profile page and delivered to other users, known as followers, who have subscribed to them. The service is free over the Internet, and we are inviting all Rockford community members to join Twitter and add the Freshman Center as a site they would like to follow. Academic awards, technology updates to the classrooms, marking-period timelines, and other everyday building activities will be posted. The site, www.twitter.com/FreshmanCenter, is now up and running to provide you with the latest in curriculum, construction projects, and calendar information.

Reader identifies mystery machinery

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by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL Denise and Steve Maghielse of Maghielse & Company hosted this past July’s Rockford Chamber After Hours event. The couple had made a bold move in the prior year. They had moved their thriving and ever-growing real estate business and their team of eight professionals from a crowded office in their home to a newly purchased property on Courtland Street. The evening’s get-together of Rockford Chamber of Commerce members and guests had a three-fold purpose. One was the regularly scheduled “After Hours” networking event itself, the second was a celebration of the one-year anniversary of the couple’s newly remodeled 5 Star Real Estate brokerage located at 117 Courtland in downtown Rockford, and last was the announcement of a contest to identify a piece of machinery that had been left in the building’s basement by a previous owner or tenant. Somewhat resembling a medieval torture device, the Mighielses were clueless as to what it could be. Prior to the opening their new office, Steve and Denise had to completely revamp the antiquated interior of the little storefront property. Found in the basement were years of accumulated “stuff.” One of the items found was a nondescript hand-cranked and gear-driven piece of equipment. Denise wanted to throw everything out but said, “Steve is a pack rat. He won’t throw anything away.” So in a compromise, she allowed Steve to keep the mystery machine and an antique toilet. So it came to pass that the couple hit upon the idea of holding a contest to (hopefully) identify the piece. Entrants were invited to view the “press” and submit their guess. The person or persons who could properly identify the “press” and its use would win a prize. Through research and input from Joan Bunn of Joan & Associates—Estate Sales and Appraisals, it was determined the “press” was a “padding” press. Bunn told us, because of its age and mechanical operation, it may well have considerable value. Padding presses are still somewhat in use today but are electronic and hydraulically operated rather than hand-crank/gear-driven. Their primary purpose is to make tear-off pads of paper such as the legal pads we are all familiar with. In use, stacks of paper are placed into the press and compressed […]

Chamber event featured great food, facility

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If you missed it, too bad for you. The latest Chamber After Hours event was held at Huntington Bank, where the food was fantastic and the remodeled space was beautiful. There were also a dozen or so wonderful door prizes awarded, from golf gift certificates, a $75 restaurant gift card and more. Manager Paul Chimienti said his vision for the company was to become very involved with the community, and that led to the bank’s sponsorship of Huntington Rogue River Blues series, which has been a huge success for Rockford. Chimienti said the institution’s success is also due to the development of essential partners to better serve the needs of the banks clients. The next Chamber event is a luncheon at Timbers (see article on page 3) and the next After Hours will be Monday, November 2, at John Decker Chevrolet. For more information on these events, contact the Rockford Chamber of Commerce at (616) 866-2000.

Harvest Fest’s heritage weekend offers food, music, classic cars

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The classic cars roll into Rockford Saturday, October 3, one of a town-full of attractions for this weekend’s Harvest Fest. Returning is an annual chili cook off, now organized by the Rockford Chamber of Commerce, along with the festival itself. For the second year, enjoy a Fiddle Fest on the banks of the Rogue River. Rockford’s heritage is the highlight of this weekend’s entertainment and the Chamber invited all to step back in time. The days of events begins with a bake and rummage sale starting at 8 a.m. at the Towers parking lot. At 10 a.m. set-up begins for the chili contest in the Rotary pavilion on the corners of Courtland and Squire streets. Chefs are invited to prove their prowess in chili with the cook-off. Organizer Lori Vorpi of Vorpi Chiropractic has reinvented the contest this year, and for the first time five chilis will be chosen for recognition. Judging will begin at 3 p.m. for first through fifth place, and judging by the public will begin at 3:15 for people’s choice and best booth. A $25 donation is required by participants, and each team (limit of three people per team) must cook a minimum of two gallons of chili. According to the Michigan Department of Health rules, all meats must be purchased from a store, so no wild game may be used. No homemade, home canned or home processed ingredients are allowed and no porcelain or enamel-coated containers are allowed. In the past, chili winners have revealed their secrets to the Squire, and they have included blends of heat from different peppers, white sauce ingredients for chicken chilis, and other ingenious or family secret ingredients. For more information about the cook off, call Lori at (616) 866-1081 or email vorpichiro@aol.com. While waiting to taste the cook off results, enjoy the beauty of some classics in the City of Rockford parking lot. The classic car show is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with no registration required. Last year’s show included plenty of gems, many lovingly restored. For the second year, enjoy live music from musicians from all over with the Fiddle Fest from noon to 1:30 p.m. These events are just a few of many happening in Rockford during the remaining two […]

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