October 13 2011

Squire reporters hooked on fishing

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by CLIFF AND AND NANCY HILL This past spring, the Hills had occasion to bid in a silent auction on a guided fishing trip to a secret “honey hole”. Even more enticing was the fact that the secret spot was right in the greater Rockford vicinity. Bidding against eight other anglers, who kept upping the ante, we eventually prevailed. All that remained was to set the date. But you know how it goes, one thing led to another this summer, what with two weddings and 13 weeks of promoting Rockford’s Farm Market in the America’s Favorite Farm Market contest, we somehow never found the time to redeem our prize. Actually as summer rolled into fall, we had forgotten all about it. So it came to pass a couple weeks ago that we crossed paths with our expert guide who asked the obvious question, “Are you going fishing or not?” Was he kidding?! We were entering a protracted period of beautiful Indian Summer and we made a date right then and there. On the appointed day we hung up a “gone fishing” sign and found ourselves blindfolded (a condition of the outing) in a pick-up truck as we traveled a bumpy two-track enroute to the secret fishing hole. We were not to be disappointed. Our guide really, really knew his stuff. In short order Nancy brought to net a whopper 22” rainbow trout weighing 5 lb – 7 oz. Cliff then proceeded to, as he said, “show you how it’s done”, and promptly netted a 10” brook trout that he quickly released. This was all was accompanied by huge peals of laughter from the guide and his wife along with Nancy. Not to be outdone, Cliff said, “Watch this”, while he expertly cast his small Rooster Tail spinner bait into the clear waters. Unbelievably, he tied into another lunker rainbow, this one measuring 23” and weighing in at 5 lb. – 11 oz. Not wanting to be greedy, as well as being eaten alive by little nasty gnats, we called an end to our spectacular 45 minutes of fishing fame. The looks on our faces in the accompanying picture tell a thousand words. For a fisherman it doesn’t get any better than this. As for our […]

From the City of Rockford

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by ROCKFORD CITY MANAGER MICHAEL YOUNG Financial Outlook Over the past several years, the City Council has implemented numerous cost cutting measures to ensure that the City of Rockford budget is maintained within our budget constraints. One of the many cuts that were made included the elimination of the publication of the Rockford Outlook Newsletter. As an alternative, Council has asked that I coordinate periodic articles in the Rockford Squire to update the community on all that is the City of Rockford. The following information will represent the first installment of the Rockford Outlook in the Squire Newspaper. As mentioned above, the City Council has implemented many cost cutting measures over the last several years to ensure that our budget is balanced. We have cut staff by 25% and have reorganized virtually every department to ensure that we are working within our budget framework. On July 1st of this year, the City’s new fiscal year began and I am very pleased to announce we are working on a balanced budget, which maintains expenditures in check with revenues. This, quite frankly is a significant task in that we have seen major reductions in State shared revenue, property tax revenue, and investment income while many expenditures continue to increase. We have put together a multi-year budget strategy, which will ensure that the City’s fiscal position remains strong. One indicator of our strong position is the recent review of the City’s bond rating. Two (2) years ago, we received an upgrade in our bond rating to AA, which was recently confirmed by Standard and Poors. As we look to the future, our main focus will be preservation and enhancements to our public infrastructure including water, sewer and streets and an eye towards maintaining quality services that our residents have grown accustomed to. Our forecast is that property values will continue to decline for at least the next year at a rate of around 4%. Even with this news, we have developed a budget framework that will take us to 2013. Our budget projections will be updated as we work through the new budget process in February of next year. The new budget maintained the City’s millage rate at 10.9 mils, one of the lowest in the County for cities and […]

Deli and catering business celebrates anniversary

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Twisted Vine’s Laura DeWilde ‘always thinking of something new’  A business is never finished with the process of experimenting and evolving, and this is good news for diners in Rockford. Twisted Vine’s owner Laura DeWilde Cummings recently celebrated the one year anniversary of her cafe and catering business located at 51Bridge Street in downtown Rockford. “I am always thinking of new recipes and being inspired to “twist” them up,” she admitted. After a year of finding out what items people have come to crave from her kitchen—homemade Cherry Chicken Salad, Swiss Party Soup, the squired Turkey Sandwich and Laura’s Carrot Cake are some of the most requested favorites. She is also a local supplier of American Spoon products, which are featured on the menu and make wonderful “gifts of good taste.” Along with unique pottery and several northern Michigan specialty goods, the café has much to offer besides great food. DeWilde Cummings opened the doors at Twisted Vine on September 9, 2010, and has been winning fans and making friends during the past year. She expanded her lunch offerings, introduced Bridge Street Picnic Baskets to Go, and built a loyal Saturday morning breakfast crowd by offering crepes, frittatas and French toast after coming up with the idea of shopping for her local ingredients at Rockford’s award-winning Farm Market. “My basket is always overflowing. Next year I’m going to use a wagon so I can buy more and do my share at supporting the local venders,” she said. Recently featured on WZZM “Breakfast on the GO,” one of Twisted Vines’ fans Chris VanderHart prompted the weekend news anchors to come check out the local fare and enjoy a tasty Farm House Tomato Relish Frittata. “We are blessed to have such wonderful customers who like our café and spread the word that Rockford is a wonderful place to eat, shop and stroll,” said DeWilde Cummings. In addition, she is thrilled to be part of a dynamic downtown business “family” that is committed to promoting each other and works on projects that will make Rockford even more special. The Pub and Grub Crawl, plus Posh Parties for young girls are just a couple of fun things that the businesses on Bridge Street (Sweet Tooth, Sassy Pants, The Edge, Studio […]


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Resident considers DEQ investigation for home Dear Editor, Today as I was walking on North Monroe Street, I thought I saw dust emanating from a house. I’m not sure, but it could have been asbestos dust. I’ve been considering contacting the DEQ to have this investigated. If these people do not have asbestos in the house, they should be made to prove it. Also, this is an older house and should be inspected for lead-based paints. This same house belonged to my dentist 40 years ago and he might have mentioned an oil tank buried between the house and garage. I think this could be dangerous and should also be investigated at the owners’ expense. These issues are similar to the situation at the Wolverine property, so maybe we can get the EPA to investigate this property when they are in town. Robert Winegar Rockford resident   Reader discusses global warming topic, column Dear mom… I know you’re on the fence; you’re not sure what to believe. I want to thank you for listening—most people are so politically polarized, they don’t even listen. I understand that you respect Craig James; I agree that he is an expert meteorologist, but he is wrong about climate change. His facts are incorrect and he misrepresents science… but I won’t elaborate here, the philosophy is a little over your head. No offense, most of the public is scientifically illiterate. I often try explaining science to people and they get lost in semantics and I realize just providing opposing facts won’t induce them to reconsider. Mom, what will? Someone with Mr. James’ credentials shouldn’t get a feature article to espouse his blog-style opinions; it makes you think there is still a debate among scientists, doesn’t it? You think it is a fair question to consider the cost when you hear climate change might not be something to worry about. For example, Mr. James said that the earth has natural thermostats or controls to regulate its own temperature. You and I both agree that God is in control, so James’ comments seem to make sense. But mom, what James described is only half the truth. The traditional checks and balances of nature that keep natural systems in check can be trumped when […]

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