October 27 2011

Town goes to the hounds this Saturday

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Contests, costumes, food, free stuff at dog walk by BETH ALTENA “It’s already a success. I just hope the dogs show up,” said organizer Tom VanderSloot, who is hoping for a big bow wow turnout this Saturday, Oct. 29 to the first Happy Hounds Dog Walk at the Rockford Community Cabin, 220 N. Monroe Street in downtown Rockford. The event will take place starting at 9 a.m. for on-site registration, the dog walk starts at 10 a.m., and booths and demonstrations will take place until 1 p.m. Given the day, dogs and owners are welcome to dress up and perhaps be chosen as winners in a costume contest. Proceeds of the walk are going to a proposed dog park planned across the Rogue River from Richardson-Sowerby Park south of Ten Mile Road. Visitors don’t even have to have a dog to participate, eat and be entertained and educated. In addition to a Happy Hounds stroll through downtown Rockford, the dog festival will include pet-related vendors with information, demonstrations, giveaways and contests. Florentine Pizzeria Ristorante will offer pasta and breadsticks and is donating proceeds to the Happy Hounds nonprofit group. There will be refreshments for a nominal fee, but the stars of the day will be the dogs. West Michigan Therapy Dogs will have a tent and some lovely therapy dogs as they raise awareness to the good work they do with those who need a boost from a furry friend. Right next to them will be Paws With a Cause demonstrating what service dogs do to help those with physical challenges. The Humane Society opted out of bringing real dogs up for adoption to the event, but will have photos and video of animals waiting for a home. An organization called Fur to Feathers will have on-site canines that need a human to adopt them. The National Animal Assist Crisis Response will explain the program it offers, training therapy dogs and their owners to respond to devastating disasters—9/11, the hurricane Katrina, and other catastrophes—with assistance at the sites of disasters. Pawsitive Impact for Pets is a local nonprofit with the task of helping pet owners keep their pets when they are struggling with financial challenges, either through losing a job or some other circumstance. “We have all […]

Creative coloring shines in Squire Halloween Coloring Contest

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It was wonderful enjoying the dozens of pumpkins submitted by our younger readers for this year’s Put the Face on The Pumpkin Coloring Contest. With impressive creativity, lots of unusual decorating techniques and some really, really cool pumpkins, it was very difficult to make our decisions on the winners in each age category. In the youngest category, up to age five, we tied in our judging and chose both the interesting pumpkin by Kyle Ashbaugh of Roguewood Elementary, (are those antlers?) and the colorful, glittery pumpkin submitted by Jack O’Rourke, 18 months, who will eventually be attending Valley View. In our middle category, we couldn’t resist the three-D approach submitted by Claire Froumis, 9, of Crestwood Elementary. Her pumpkin included tiny black bats with glittery eyes “flying” around the pumpkin on black pipe cleaners—very creative! Finally, in our oldest age category we could not resist this Ram-terrific pumpkin incorporating our own school mascot in the design created by Sarah Polkowski of Chandler Woods Charter Academy. Very wonderful work, we think Sarah might have a design career in her future. Our winners are invited to stop by the office and pick up their goodie bag with our appreciation. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their creative efforts with us!

Hundreds of undead moan their way through downtown Rockford

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                They were covered with blood, in ragged clothing, stitched up and enthusiastically undead. The first Zombie Walk in downtown Rockford attracted hundreds who walked through the town, gathered at the dam and enjoyed a couple of dance routine by Rhythm Dance of Belmont, including a routine set to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Several people seemed surprised by the unholy crowd and drivers rubbernecked the motley crew. Organizer Dan DeWard of Studio D2D was thrilled with the turnout.

America’s Favorite Farmers Market 2011 closes Saturday

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by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL This Saturday will mark the close of the Rockford Farm Market season and what a season it was! In spite of a scant few naysayers, 6,083 market-goers weren’t wrong when they named the Rockford Farm Market as America’s Favorite Farmers Market. Sponsored by the American Farmland Trust, the June through August contest highlighted what the Rockford Community already knew – our hometown Farm Market is second to none! The buzz of publicity generated by the contest, on TV and in the press, brought countless new visitors to Saturday morning markets resulting in, according to market vendors, a runaway successful season. Possibly little understood is the fact that the Farmer’s Market is an economic engine that directly benefits Rockford’s downtown business community. This is underscored by a study undertaken by the Midtown Neighborhood Association, operators of the nearly 100-year-old nonprofit Fulton Street Farmers Market in Grand Rapids. The Fulton St. Market, at its busiest, attracts upwards of 10,000 customers per week who spend an estimated $200,000 weekly at nearby businesses. The East Fulton Business District and all Eastown businesses, in general, benefit by the spillover effect of market-goers seeking other shopping and dining choices after filling their market baskets. Yes, the Fulton Street Farmers Market operates four days a week and the Rockford Market only operates on Saturday mornings. Nevertheless, Rockford’s mighty small-venue market brings upwards of 3,000 visitors to town on Saturday mornings, June through October of every year. From our contest-polling table at the Rockford Farm Market this summer, we learned first-hand that market-goers were eager to seek out everything that Rockford has to offer. If only more of Rockford’s business community could wrap their minds around the potential to exploit and embrace, to their financial advantage, the huge influx of market patrons. Other information of note harvested at our polling table was two often repeated anxious comments. The first being, “Where’s the closest washroom?” Followed by, “Why aren’t there at least Port-O-Jons on site?” We heard this as a complaint from vendors and a plaintive cry of help from market-goers. At the very least, visible signage could be placed directing those in need to the restroom facilities adjacent to the Welcome Center and those facilities available to the […]

Treating patients from ‘womb to tomb’

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New chiropractor in Rockford specializes in prenatal and pediatrics by BETH ALTENA Dr. J. Avery Karns, doctor of chiropractic, considered becoming a veterinarian when she was young, but never considered becoming a medical or surgical doctor. She chose chiropractic care as her profession because she believes in the value of holistic, preventative treatment and the many benefits of chiropractic treatment. Karns has joined the offices of Healthy Life Pain & Performance Solutions (which was Newman Chiropractic for many years), 120 Marcell Avenue in Rockford. “I always believed in a natural, non-drug, non-surgery kind of life,” she stated. “As a kid I was kind of an anomaly. I liked my vegetables more than meat.” Karns said she wanted to go into a field that helped people live healthier lives, in part because she saw how many don’t have a healthy lifestyle. “Chiropractic care can make a huge difference in one’s quality of life.” “Chiropractors are doctors of the nervous system,” she said. “It is the master system of the body. All direction from the brain to the body goes through the nervous system to every tissue in the body. When the nervous system is functioning correctly, everything else should function correctly.” Karns specializes in prenatal and pediatric care and has seen dramatic and quick response to treatment. Patients who come in suffering severe discomfort can often experience immediate relief. She said in pregnancy, maintaining optimal nerve function is especially important. Karns’ treatments help an expecting woman’s pelvis be as open and as prepared for birth as possible. Manipulation of the pelvis also allows more room for the baby growing inside. Chiropractic treatment can help balance pelvic bones, nerves, muscles and ligaments, which may allow the unborn child to move toward the proper head-down position for delivery. Dr. Karns wants her patients and general public to know that this Webster technique is NOT a baby-turning technique and is meant solely to enhance proper space and nerve function in the pelvis. Research shows pre-labor chiropractic care, specifically the Webster technique, can encourage a safer head-down baby position. Newborns are also prime candidates for chiropractic treatment. “In a hospital birth, there is a lot of hands-on involvement,” she said, and a delicate infant can suffer stress to the spinal column […]

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